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Do you sleep with a skier?

Poll Results: Does your significant other ski?

Poll expired: Dec 7, 2012 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% of voters (40)
    Yes, is just as enthusiastic as I am
  • 25% of voters (35)
    Yes, but probably wouldn't ski if I didn't ski
  • 2% of voters (3)
    Yes, but only to humor me
  • 7% of voters (10)
    No, but will come on ski trips
  • 14% of voters (20)
    No, but encourages me to ski
  • 5% of voters (7)
    No, and resents the time I spend on skiing
  • 4% of voters (6)
    No, and resents the money I spend on skiing
  • 11% of voters (15)
    Yes without comment
  • 5% of voters (8)
    No without comment
136 Total Votes  
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I am curious to know if EpicSki members' spouses or romantic partners also ski -- as a tangent to the is EpicSki Welcoming to Women thread. I consider myself one of the lucky ones with a husband who skis and likes to ski with me! 

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I used to have one of those...sort of...those were the days.  Still married, but he's too busy working and since my accident has decided that skiing is too dangerous for HIM.  th_dunno-1[1].gif


Truth be told he was never as interested as I was.  

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nope, but working on it...

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It sure is nice to just go skiing, and not negotiate or compromise.

obviously, my answer is: no, and will likely remain so.

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You need another answer:  "Yes, but definitely wouldn't ski if I didn't."   My wife does ski, but only if I invite her to go and usually only when our son is home from college.  She only skis green and easier blue runs.  She isn't thrilled that I prefer off piste skiing, especially trees.  Several of her friends tell her I'm too old to be skiing and that she should tell me to quit.roflmao.gif

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Yep, and she's way better than I am and enjoys skiing with me. I'm a visual learner and she's a perfect ski partner in many ways.
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yes, she introduced me to skiing, but I am way more into it that she is lol.

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My hubby doesn't ski, and since I came to skiing late in life he's found himself left behind every weekend during the ski season.  But he's dealing with it the best he can, with 37 years of marriage glueing the three of us together (me, him, and skiing).

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wife is supportive - she tries, but hasn't caught the bug yet....unfortunately. 

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She skis when we go as a family and understands when the equipment comes upstairs midweek, that the next day is going to be beneficial to my mental health.  Thank goodness that she is understanding of the chasing but, nights spent sleeping in hostels, cheap hotels, and back in my younger days the truck, there are many worse places to be! 

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No, I have to go in the other room to get any sleep.

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I taught my wife how to ski.  She started really apprehensively skiing and eventually got way better.  Now she can hang.  I still like to push it a bit more than she does but skiing with your partner is the best skiing around. I just love going fast, doing my own thing, turning around and watching her come down towards me.  Nothing beats that!

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I sleep with a skier whenever I can.

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I dated a gal that pretended to like skiing for my benefit, or so she told me when we broke up.  I'd have rather found out she faked orgasm.

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My wife didn't enjoy skiing, so she tried snowboarding and loves it. I figure as long as we're out on the hill together then I don't really care if she has one stick or two under her feet; I find it irrelevant because the time we spend together having fun is the most important thing.


That said, I give her grief every chance I can about "those idiot snowboarders" LMAO.

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And, I couldn't be more pleased that my wife got herself into the wings for women 3-day mini-series with hardly any prompting from me! dave

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No never ever! Sleeping with skis on is nasty.

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HaHaHaHa!!!!!  That's classic!  I love that picture!


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I once met a group in Aspen that all had the following T-shirts:


"Just because I'll sleep with you tonight doesn't mean I'll ski with you tommorow"

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New category: Yes, and would ski if I didn't exist, but not nearly as much. Call it measured enthusiasm. 

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My wife got into it last year, liked it enough to buy a season pass, and so far this season it's proving to be a great thing.  I was up in Tahoe last weekend, and while normally for me to go again this weekend it would be a potential battle, instead we're leaving the kids with their grandparents and going up together.  icon14.gif

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My wife has become a more enthusiastic skier in recent years to the point that she anxiously awaits the start of the season this time of year, just like me. Getting her to go skiing requires no coaxing. She is even the first to suggest it some days. The change started a couple of years ago when I finally convinced her to get some high quality fatter skis and new boots. It took her about a season to really get the hang of them. She now skis terrain with confidence that would have formerly caused her to panic. That was the best money I've ever spent on gear...   

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New category: Yes, and would ski if I didn't exist, but not nearly as much. Call it measured enthusiasm. 


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Mrs crg has medical issues that prevent her from ever being able to ski, or even ride a roller coaster again.  She'll play lodge mom if needed but would rather stay home.

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When my wife and I started dating she said she'd get an MTB if I got skis.  Fast forward a few years and now we're pretty evenly matched on snow, although have slightly different tastes.  I like to wander in the trees or "charge" bowls, but she likes bumps  Skiing together has made us both better skiers and is one of my favorite things to do.

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We don't sleep much. 

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I'm in the unsupplied category of wife skis but is not quite as crazy as me. Since we've lived closer to the slopes, she gets out mostly on pleasant weekdays to avoid crowds. Her participation in the season lesson pass program at Breck has helped a lot.
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My wife has skied since childhood and can ski anywhere I can but sometimes chooses not to. She loves tennis and takes lessons weekly and competes frequently but does not have the save drive for ski lessons - which I pursue frequently. She's also happier with fewer hours on the hill each day so I usually hit the lift lines near opening and loop back for her after a few runs. At the end of the day I'll sometimes make another run or two without her but she never stays out without me.
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