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Fantasy Football Question

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Will Curtis Martin be any good this year?
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Well since he's supposed to be S washed up every year, yet keeps putting up numbers, you'd think so. Not a single year under 1,000 yards T since coming into the E league, though with 8 seasons under his belt at a position that entails huge punishment, E and running on legs that are a year older, one never L knows.
I don't do the E fantasy leagues so don't know how stats play into success or failure of your team. R but he's better at S putting the ball in the end zone than at, say, yards-per-carry numbers. Catches about 50 (+/-) passes a year, too.
Allegedly over ankle problems. Shouldn't take long to find out. Limited action during pre-season.
What backs did you leave behind when you drafted him?


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Seen earlier today at powder:

Study Finds Correlation Between Fantasy Leagues and Use of Tape

(AP) A recent study published in the British medical publication, Lancet, discussed a correlation between participation in fantasy sports leauges and the use of cellophane tape to repair the broken nose bridges on the horned rim eyeglasses typically worn by such participants. The lead researcher, Dr. Geoffery Smythe-Smythe said, "It appears that not only do these participants have a tendency to tape up their broken spectacles, but there is also appears to be a correlation between fantasy leagues, attendance at Star Trek conventions and disabling stammering among those male participants who attempt to converse with a female. Certainly our findings warrant more study" Dr. Smythe-Smythe is also investigating a link between participation in such leagues and consumption of the alcoholic beverage known as "Zima".
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I surrender, your team from LA is so much better then the Steelers. Wait, THERE IS NO NFL TEAM IN LA!

Rusty Guy must be putting you up to this 'cause you really can't be a Bungles fan, can you? Well I guess you like losers like the Buckner, er, Boston Red Sox. Oh that was bad taste, Billy was just the victim of the Sox curse.

Next up: the Blowhard, I mean Baltimore Raisins, oops Ravens.
Prospects for the Lewis Clueless bunch getting to the big show? Never more.
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Thanks for the info. I'm watching the game now, and they don't seem to be using him much in the red zone. Very bad for my team. Other than Martin, I have Tiki Barber, Correll Buckhalter, and Michael Pittman. So, other than Barber, I'm kinda thin at RB. We'll see. BTW, nice subliminal message!
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Yer a big fish on my wall right about now. And didn't take nothin' but 2-lb. test and a baitless hook.


[ September 05, 2003, 09:33 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Ryan, I thought it was just macho bantering. I'll take Steeler chum all the time. It's always good for a laugh. Tell Irul&ublo he's on deck.

It's a far gone lullaby sung many years ago.
Momma, momma many worlds I've come since I first left home.
Going home, going home by the water side I will rest by bones....

Goodnight, Bdpalace
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Man, I love it when you two go at it [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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