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Spanish Pyrenees Mountains

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Has anyone skied these resorts and if so would they recommend them? I going to Portugal in late March to visit the inlaws and was thinking of maybe heading over for a few days of skiing. Doing limited travel this trip so I'm curious if this side trip would be worth the time and effort given spring conditions.

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The higher Pyrenees are prone to good snow and often powder late season in recent years. Many of the resorts close with great conditions still existing. While I've not skied the Spanish resorts, I have skied Andorra several times as late as April 15th and had really good snow. Late March should still be good but obviously it's the mountains so best if you can keeping an eye on how things look and making a decision nearer to the time.

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You could also look at going somewhere more snowsure and with later closing dates in France or Switzerland. You could book a budget flight from Lisbon to Geneva starting around €100 round-trip (depending on dates). You could also fly to Geneva from your local airport, ski a bit, take a budget flight to Lisbon, visit the in-laws, and then fly home from Lisbon.


Just try to avoid Easter weekend.

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From Lisbon the flight to Geneva isn't that much further than to Barcelona, where you'd presumably need to fly to reach the Pyrenees. And ground transfer much, much shorter from Geneva. 

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