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Help finding an all mountain pair of twin tips

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Hi everyone, 


I dont know alot about the specifics of skis and what makes a ski good i just ski on them so i would apreciate some help in looking. I go to college at SUNY plattsburgh so i will be skiing mostly at Whiteface and Gore while i am here but when i go home i will be going to Windham, Hunter, and Catamount. I am looking for an all mountain twin tip that im trying to spend around 300$ on (new or used). when im home its alot of groomers and stuff like that but i have never been to whiteface or gore so hopefully il be expecting powder.  I like just skiing everywhere in the mountain (not so much moguls) you can find me on rails or jumps in the park or just shredding on a black diamond. If you guys can please give me some ideas of good skis for me to look up i would apreciate it. I know i am not as adventerous in the park as i am in the rest of the mountain if that helps. I do know that i am not looking for an all park twin. 


thank you for your help 


roughly 180lbs (shitty college food) 5'10"

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Salomon Rocker2 90 is probably your best best, but whether you can find one for around $300 is anyone's guess.  You might check the ads here for a twin tip.  You posted basically the same thing a year ago, no luck then?

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yea i realized i had the same post, it is because i had to waste money on something else and wasnt able to ski last season so now im still stuck with the same problem of finding a new ski. thank you for your input though

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So being a huge ebay junkie, I would send your search to ebay, there is so much to choose from, I have noticed lately the killer deals that this store asogear has located in ontario, ca.  I have personally dealt with them and there deals cannot be beat.  These are some of the skis that I would look at on there site.



2012 Coreupt Banger 184cm, 90mm underfoot, more of a glorified park ski, should rip soft and harder snow equally, New 239.00

2012 Coreupt Pow 186/175cm, 102mm underfoot, a true all mountain plank, better for softer snow but still rips hardpack New 249.00

2010 Atomic Supreme 181cm, 88 underfoort, similar to the Banger ski, comes with Marker Squire Bindings, brand new 299.00

Dynastar Disorder Spin 179cm, 87 underfoort, similar to Banger and Supreme, comes with Look Nx 11 bindings, brand new 299.00



The best part about this website is that shipping is free.... Seriously check it out, i'm sure you will find something...

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thank you for the help. I am looking at getting Nordica Dead Money skis. does anyone have anything to say about these? also im looking for a good binding for cheap. will Marker Free Ten 2013 or Salomon STH 12 Oversize Wide Brake Ski Bindings 2012 work? im just looking at the price i dont know much about bindings

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for your weight I would buy something with atleast a din to 12, the 10 bindings are meant for smaller skiers/young adults/novice, it doesnt sound like you are any of them... Salomon is what I prefer though, cant be beat, how much are you getting skis/bindings for?

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thanks for your help 

im looking at the Nordica dead money skis  for 239$ after sales and stuff like that so id like to spend 0-150 on bindings. i dont know how important bindings are towards performance i was basically looking at cheapest thing that will keep my boot in place. but if you can help me find a good binding in that price range or cheaper that would be cool. i am also trying to sell my skis i taught in that i dont use. atomic sativa 162 cm with evox 310 bindings

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If you found a set of Salomon STH 12's in that price range, thats what i would go with, all of my skis have Salomon bindings....

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the sth 12's are sold out everywhere are salomon z12 TI or just salomon z12's any good? the TI one is in my price range

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so i found a set of Atomic FFG 12 bindings for 109.00 plus shipping.  Salomon/Atomic are owned by the same company and the FFG series that Atomic makes is exactly the same binding line as the Salomon STH series. This price is killer, jump on it man....



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wow that is a great deal. thank you man i appreciate that alot. so im getting nordica dead money skis with those bindings. thank you so much that was a huge help

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rip some pow man, I'm originally from Burlington, VT so i know your neck of the woods pretty well, have a good season!

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I saw your thread title and thought of the Dead Money.  I've got a pair thats 3ish years old that I've put some decent time on.  They can rip turns and have no issues at speed.  

I'm a former racer and did find them a bit soft compared to what I was used to but they're alot better than any of the other twin tips I've tried.  Seems like they would be prefect for you.  They have 14din Tyrolia bindings mounted on a free plate, lets the ski flex freely.  A few core shots but those have been repaired.  

$220+ shipping if they have to be shipped.  Im in MA and ski in NH so if you can make the trek over here we can meet up.  PM me if you want them.

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i ski last year and forgot my preference i dont know if i want the 163 or 170s and i forgot if i center or tradtitional mount them. im in the park id say 30 percent of the time so i should traditionally mount them?

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Forgot to mention that.  The ones I have are 169 or 170.  They are mounted traditionally which makes for a better all around ski.

You're are a few meals larger than I am so the 170 should be perfect for you.

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