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Nordica Wild Belle - Length Rec?

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Hi All-


I'm looking for advice on ski length for a friend who is really interested in the Wild Belle.


She is a solid advanced skier who is extremely confident.  She likes blue & black runs, and is very confident & capable in a variety of conditions.  She'll ski Liftline and Nosedive at Stowe, but wouldn't really be comfortable on Starr or Goat. She'll ski the single-blacks at Jackson Hole and Snowbird, but not the gnarly stuff. 


Anyhow, we are looking for a ski for 80% East Coast (mainly on-trail, but in a variety of conditions from hardpack to mashed potatoes), and the Wild Belle seems to fit the bill (and being in the fashion-oriented, the graphics meet the cut (rolling my eyes now).


So, for a 5'6" / 175-lb confident but not super-aggressive skier, what length would you recommend?  170? 162?


Thanks so much & sorry for the LONG message!



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 Hi, I think your friend would be better off with the 170cm skis given her confidence and her size, don't forget the rocker will make them feel a little shorter.

 Size charts would probably put her around 166cm but you would usually allow an extra couple of cm if you weigh a little more than average or are a more advanced skier.

 Has she demoed them? If not then-

Does she favour skis on the short side?

What does she ski at the moment?

What does she like/hate about her current or rented skis?

 I like the look/reviews of the northern belle but have not had chance to try it yet.

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Personally I would recommend she try, if she can, the Nordica Hell's Belles, same ski as the Wild Belle but 6mm wider or even the Nemesis. although 98mm might be more than she wants to wrestle in East coast conditions.  I know three women that ski the Nemesis and they are all expert level skiers and they all really like the Nordica Hell and Back series.  I think either the Wild Belle or Hell's Belles, 170cm, will do what she wants.  The Hell's Belles will give her a bit more float when she travels west.  Either one will hold an edge on hardpack, don't know about ice.

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After checking out her old skis, a late-90's vintage pair of Nordica Waves (that's all they say on them!) with a graphite/dark gray top and some funky shock-absorber things up front, I'm thinking the 170s are the way to go.


The old pair is 170, 100/64/89, with an estimated turn radius of 18.3m per some Excel sheet I downloaded.


Pros:  They are light and better than what she had previously.


Cons:  They are fairly un-turny, unstable, have zero flotation in spring snow or pow, and are a little lacking in edge grip.  Other than that, she loves them.


She skied Volkl Tierras in Jackson and they were a big improvement, but she hated the looks.  I would love her to demo, but that's just not going to happen... (banging my head against wall).


Anyway, the 170 Wild Belles ought to be a big improvement over her antiques -- 15 more years of ski innovation has got to count for something, all the reviews I've read sound like they'll work out for her, and, most importantly, they're purple...


Re: the Hell's Belles, I'm thinking that 90mm might be a little much for an East Coast - dominant one-ski quiver, but maybe I'm wrong about that.  Either way, she's not a fan of the looks.  (rolls eyes again)  If we end up out west, she can always demo...


Thanks for all the help... I'll report back with how they turn out!



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