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Agree tomorrow morning would be ideal ... but that would mean traveling today if I considered going up to Snowshoe!  Maybe discretion is the better part of valor and I should set my sights more local for tomorrow, like Beech or Sugar.

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Massanutten and Wintergreen are happily buried in snow today, March 6. Mnut reported 18 inches as of 10:30am on their snow conditions webpage. Wintergreen's snow blog has a pic of 13 inches as of 7am.


If I had the time for a day trip on Thu, I'd probably be heading to Wintergreen.  Would take the 4WD pickup to make sure of getting up the mountain.  Wintergreen apparently started getting lighter snow after the first few inches.  A SkiSE regular spent the night up there. He's having a good time today!


The advantage of driving another 45 min to Massanutten is there is no real mountain driving involved.  Mnut is NOT grooming the black and blue trails.  Late season lift ticket prices started Monday.


The bumps on MakAttack could be huge by the weekend. biggrin.gif  All schools around Harrisonburg are closed Wed.

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Thinking of ditching the midfats for bump skis.  Will still take some GS skis too though.  Skinny skis all around hahaha..

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Wintergreen's snow blog says they got 24-30 inches.  With all the wind, they can't figure out how to measure.  Access road is open.


Massanutten says 22-24 inches.  They groomed out everything except MAKattack.  Local families are taking advantage of the fact that local schools are closed again today.  Mnut has a special rate for snow days.  The slopes are much busier than the average late season Thursday.


Temps will stay cool until the weekend.  Highs in 30's or 40's.  Should be perfect spring skiing this weekend when it gets up into the 50's.

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The high yesterday at Mnut was about 34.  Right now it's 33 degrees.  Presumably similar temps at Wintergreen.  So all the new snow will still be there Sat morning!


Everything but MAKattack was groomed yesterday.  Hoping they left the side of Paradice ungroomed like they did during the blizzard year.  The Mnut team coaches liked to take the kids on those little bumps.  I bet there are tracks under the lower part of Lift 6.


Wintergreen not only groomed out the trails, they had ski patrol actively keeping people out of the trees along the sides of the Highlands.  Pretty strange to see snow at the side of trails that was HIGHER than on the run.

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For those fortunate enough to be skiing MidAtlantic Saturday I HIGHLY recommend a generous coating of sunscreen on your faces.  I suspect tomorrow will be that first really nice sunny day that many people get burned bright red around the cheeks and nose redface.gif

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Ready 2 Go!

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You're shorter than I imagined.
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How was skiing today?

Went fishing on a delayed harvest stream...caught so many trout, it got boring. Very nice day out.
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I didn't ski much since we didn't arrive until mid-afternoon.  Enough to know that everything was groomed flat after Wed, except MAKattack.  Big bumps to be found there.  Paradice is flatter than usual.  Before there were contours based on snow guns whales.  A couple friends who skied this morning said it was great, but got messy by early afternoon.  Not so much slushy, but more a matter of small chunks forming all over.
Here with two other Bears and their kids who are at Mnut for the first time.  So three adult ski nuts and three tweens along for the ride.  Kids enjoyed the waterpark this evening.  We'll all ski tomorrow morning, but not until things soften up.
Just enough snow left in the valley for a little sliding fun



Deep up on the mountain, is it really March?




Tree skiing wink.gif



Views from the top of Lift 6 around 5:30pm, temps falling into the 30's.



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A few more biggrin.gif


Chance of Snow moved up from 100cm beginner skis to 117 cm Head Mojo 65.  Not sure if it was that or showing off for the girls he was skiing with, but he moved up from a greenish blue skier to a blueish black skier todayyahoo.gif






Little Apre' Sled Fun.  ddanks, his daughter, MarzNC's daughter and Chance of Snow to the right of the brown pillar there enjoying the water park.


Loft beds were a hit,  Unfortunately the game we watched wasn't



Good morning Old Man River!








And he's GONE!

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Great spring skiing at Mnut today.  No waiting for softening . . . was 42 at 9am on the mountain even thought it was 35 in the valley.  First few runs were wonderful before it got a bit too warm.  Still, plenty of fun for parents and kids.  Plus I had a private for the Silver Clinic in the afternoon. biggrin.gif


Melting off ski lodge roof at 9am


Ski school line up at 10.  Does NOT look like March in VA.


ddanks, marznc and their tween daughters at top of Massanutten

Image Resized at http://www.shrinkpictures.com



Off Lift 5, got busier on Showtime in the afternoon

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Appalachian still looks on track to stay open until March 24th. 


Beech info is a little less specific.



Beginning March 4th and continuing for the remainder of the ski season, the resort will provide one youth (12 & under) lift ticket at no charge with the purchase of every adult lift ticket.
"Although Mother Nature has the final say in the matter, officials at Beech Mountain Resort have set a goal to stay open well into the second half of March."
"As long as the weather cooperates and there are people on the slopes, we will stay open," Freeman said.
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I see its 10 degrees at sugar this morning and they aren't making snow. Obviously they've given up considering the last time I was there they were "making snow" and it was 40.
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Anybody know why wintergreen and winterplace dont leave any bump runs?
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Winterplace has, or had, one bump run.  Most of the folks who are there on weekends never go near it because they are doing good if they can handle the blue groomers.  Haven't been for several years.


Wintergreen . . . the bigger issue for me is that someone who does not own property there cannot buy a season pass that includes any Saturdays for any amount of money.  Plus if you actually pay for a lift ticket on Sat, the lift line wait is even longer because property owners get priority over the general public.  I've skied bumps at the top of Upper Cliffhanger in the past when there was enough snow early in the season, but hard to say what the current management will allow in the future given what they groomed out everything on the Highlands the day after the 20+ inch snowstorm.

Originally Posted by toddlasher View Post

Anybody know why wintergreen and winterplace dont leave any bump runs?
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Since someone brought up bump runs . . . this is what MAKattack at Massanutten can look like under the lights.  Wasn't quite that much this season, but there were bumps after mid-Jan.  Although with more snowboarders than skiers, not really easy to find round bumps.  Pretty short trail, but good place to get someone started before they go to Blue Knob or Timberline.


Bumps under the lights - Jan 2011


Even if Wintergeen allowed bumps to form, couldn't ski them after 4pm because there are no lights on the Highlands.

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It's snowing at Mnut again!  Looks like big wet flakes on the webcam, but that beats rain.


Timberline got an inch between 5am and the website update at 7:30am.  A snowy luau after all.

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Well, well, well . . . Massanutten's last day wasn't today after all.  Snowed most of the day and temps never got over 32 on the mountain.  From the Massanutten snow page as of Sun evening:



"Winter Storm Watch in effect for tonight. We will operate 3 lifts servicing 11 trails for our final day on Monday, March 18th 9am-4:30pm."
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Mnut didn't run the J-bar for the big terrain park or Lift 3 that serves the little terrain park and Geronimo. Got 4 inches of snow overnight.

Wintergreen decided to open today too instead of being closed M-F. Said they wouldn't groom the Highlands. They have one more weekend for sure since the pond skim festivities were move to March 23-24.
Bryce is doing something unusual to end their season.  $20 lifties M-F this week but only midday, 10:00-3:00.  Not planning to open next weekend.
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Locking the thread since it's time to move on to 2013-14. :)  Click here

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