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Advice on kites please!

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I am thinking of getting one of these new power kites and have been reading on the internet about the differences. To be honest there seem to be so many different types that it's all a bit of a nightmare.

If anyone can let me know how big and what sort of kite I want I would be most grateful.

I'm 25, 6ft 2, 13 stone (don't know how many lbs sorry!!) and want to be pulled around by it but have one I can do tricks with and some jumping and stuff.

I live inland but do have quite a big park to play in. I have flown trick kites before but nothing like these babies.

What I need to know is
what surface area
2 line/4 line
is it worth the money?

Cheers people.
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It would help if you have a lot of wind & hot air to help with lift.

Oh, I forgot, we're talking about you.
I think you should be able to generate enough on your own...

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Sorry to be a bit too technical but ......

Get a big red one with tassle.
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Aah splendid.

Well now that I've got all the information that I require....

WTFH, I think you're talking about a hot air balloon not about a kite!!

DB, Funny you should say that cos I was thinking about a red one.
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4 line is the only way to go. I started with a 2m kite (and still haven't progressed!) but I guess you are probably a bit bigger and potentially streonger than me so a 3m wouldn't be too much boom. If you can have a try of someone else's kite(s) you'll get a good feel.

Firebee make good quality kites based on Flexifoils but they are a lot cheaper. Go for a 4 line, 2/3m firebee - as good a starting kite as any I think.

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Thank you for some sensible advice!! It's about time!

I was looking at a 4 line cos they just look like a load more fun and more controls are always more exciting!
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