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Anyone on last years Fischer RC4 SC??

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My dad just picked up a pair of these on ebay for dirt cheap, they have the plate on them and everything, i told him to go for it as they were a nice (brand new) short slalom race ski. I have never skied them so anyone who has, share your opinions.
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I can't remember the ski, but does the plate have a couple of springs running along either side?
If so, be very careful about mounting the bindings - there isn't much for them to grip on. Marker did a binding specifically for some of the plated Fischers last year. They need to be mounted with epoxy resin or similar rather than the standard binding glue.
Maybe I'm completely wrong and thinking of a European model down the range, but be careful.
They also have amazing edges.
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I bought a pair of Fischer RC4 WC SC short slalom them late last season but only got to ski on them a little. Hope to use them a lot more this season.

The WC SC's are typical Fischer top quality race stock skis. They are said to be very versatile; excellent in powder, crud and windslab in moderate bumps as well as on hardpack and ice where they excel. I only skied them on a few groomed runs so I cannot personally attest to how well they work in variable conditions and terrain. But they were a blast to ski on in sping corn.

Haven't heard of the Marker story. The Fischer plates for the past several seasons have had a narrowish center section so that bindings with a scew in their center won't work (eg. Tyrolia Power Select). However conventional bindings (eg. Tryolia Cyber D-8's) work fine with the screws mounted the normal way.

I have had a pair of Fischer RC4 GS race skis for two seasons with the Fischer plate mounted with conventional bindings and had no probems with screws pulling out or coming loose.
Fischer is selling bindings now that are really Salomon knock offs (check Fischer's web site to see for yourself) so Salomon bindings should also work just fine mounted in the normal way.

Have fun with your new skis.
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thanks, planning on mounting a regular salomon binding on them, didnt forsee a problem with that. Even though they are my dads i cant wait to try them out, ill send a report back to the consumer gear reveiws if i like them a lot. How tall is the plate that comes on them just out of my curiosity..??
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Helluvalla skier,
The plate itself is 15mm.
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