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Fitting ACL Brace and Ski Boots

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Background:  Damaged ACL skiing last year (also fractured proximal tibia, but that has healed).  Sports medicine dr advises wearing brace for skiing -- and only for skiing -- and has prescribed derotational brace.  Orthotics guy will look at the whole situation and fit to determine exactly which brace will be best.  His concern is that a derotational brace may be too long to work with ski boots.


Orthotics appointment is Friday.  I'll be taking my ski boots with me.


I believe the doctor wants me in a strong brace, even if it's bigger.  He asked how much the size of the brace matters to me.  Having never seen or worn one, I have no idea.


If the derotational brace is slightly too long, can my boot be trimmed to accommodate it?  And would the other boot need to be trimmed equally?  How much margin should be left above the top buckle?  Do bootfitters do this, or might Santa need to bring me a Dremel?  


Are women's ski boots of a certain size similar in height?  I wear a 22-23.  I'll need to use the brace with future boots as well.


Anything else I need to consider with respect to boots?


Again, my only use for the brace is skiing, so it needs to work with ski boots or it's useless.

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Now that I have my boots out of storage ...


Current boots are Rossignol Electra Sensor3 80 in a 22.5.  Is this shell, or its stock liner, particularly short?  Thinking ahead as to how the brace would work with other boots, when that time comes.


I see no reason that the shell would have to be cut down to accommodate the brace.  It seems short enough.  And even if it needed to be, I see no way to do it ... the contraption that holds the strap goes right up to the top of the boot in the back.  But what about the liner?  It sits above the shell about 1.5" in the back.  There's no cutting down a liner, huh?  So unless this boot comes with an especially tall liner, whatever problems I have with these, I'll have with all liners.  OTOH, if this boot has an especially short liner, I could get a brace that works with this boot and not with others.  Arrrrggghhh!! 

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most boots are about the same height (within 1-2cm)  


liners can be cut down, but see a seamstress that has worked with


bring your boot in and see how it fits.  that is step #1

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Thanks, mntlion.  Even with insurance, there is likely to be significant out-of-pocket expense so I want to get this right the first time ... both in terms of protection for my ACL and fit with boots.

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Braces can also be trimmed and often that is a first step.  The width of the lower portion is not set in stone and can be easily modified of course to a point. I'll have that done before I start cutting boots and often it is enough.



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So far, so good.  Orthotics guy was more than happy to measure to fit with my boots.  He prefers a DonJoy FullForce brace for me, in a short length.  He has to talk to the DonJoy rep to see if it will be short enough.  Specs were not listed in the catalog.  If not DonJoy, his second choice is a Bledsoe.


I can't imagine a company like DonJoy, making sports braces, and not being able to accomodate ski boots even if the skier is short.  I may ask to talk to the rep myself, or even to work with the rep AND Orthotics to get the right solution.  The custom DonJoy is about $1300.


At this point, though, I think we're on the right path and the orthotics guy seems very interested in working on this.  Probably doesn't hurt that he's a snowboarder.


Thanks, guys, for your help and advice.

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