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Cheap skiing around West Virginia

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I live in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, and looking to take a ski trip with my fiance this January, we've both been skiing before and are low level intermediates and own our own ski. Last year in January we took a trip to timberline resort, we loved it there but I was just wondering what else was out there, and if maybe anything would be a little cheaper. We hit green and blues, but we want wherever we go to have a long run that's similar to the salamander at timberline, just to relax and cruise on.

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Welcome to EpicSki!


Timberline is probably your best bet.  Snowshoe is definitely not for people worrying about their budget.


Take a look here for the places in WV, VA, PA.




You could join this EpicSki group and post a thread there too.



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I don't know about the cost but Wisp on the MD panhandle might be fairly close.

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Canaan Valley, which is practically right next door to Timberline is a little cheaper than Timberline to ski at and they do have a run like Salamander, actually, one that is a little nicer and prettier than Salamander.  Unfortunately, Canaan Valley is in the middle of doing some much needed updates to their ski area and the work got significantly delayed by hurricane Sandy.  This means they will likely get a late start to the season or pretty much miss the season entirely.


The lodge at Canaan Valley can be an inexpensive place to stay when you want to ski either Timberline or Canaan.


Other places you can check out are Wisp in Maryland and Blue Knob in PA.  Wisp will be a bit more expensive, but is a nice place with some great views along with some good beginner and intermediate runs.  Blue Knob may be a little less expensive than Timberline and they do have one nice long green trail that goes down the whole mountain.  The only downside to the trail is that it is intersected by some intermediate trails so there is some cross traffic.  The Epicski Mid-Atlantic gathering will take place this season at Blue Knob near the end of February.


If you go back to Timberline or Canaan this year and enjoy live music, you and your fiance need to check out the Purple Fiddle in Thomas WV.  Great music, and pretty decent food, coffee and beer.  The place fills up at night for the music.  My wife and I always make a stop their when we travel to the Canaan Valley area. 

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Yea we went to the Purple Fiddle last year, fantastic place.

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Hey Neighbor, Welcome to epic ski. I guess you've been to Seven Springs, that's an easy day trip from the northern panhandle?


I am very partial to Timberline, but Snowshoe has a whole lot more terrain for green/blue skiers. It's expensive, crowded and in my opinion a dangerous place to ski (on the weekends). While Snowshoe doesn't have a green trail as long as Salamander, my wife likes the variety of terrain better than Timberline. If you can swing a mid week trip you really should consider Snowshoe; if it has to be on the weekend come back to Canaan Valley and enjoy the unique ambiance of Tucker County. You might even consider a lesson at Timberline; learn to ski the whole mountain; ask for jimmy smile.gif .

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