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Mammoth this weekend?

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Hi! My name is Rikard and I am from Sweden. That's the reason why my english is a little bit bad but I hope you are okay with it..:) I am in Los Angeles for 3 month and I love skiing, my plan is to take the car this weekend to Mammoth and skiing but I don't know any skiers here (or snowboarders), so I wonder if someone are interested to go with me? If you are interested, please text me here or write to my email:


I can also go the weekend after that but this is the best for me..


I am 21 years old, talk English and Swedish. I like every kind of skiing, a little bit park and just go in slopes and off pist, no expert but I can go at easier runs in the forests :)



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Lots of Swedes in and around LA i'm sure you can find a ski buddy in no time. ;)
For weekends run I'll suggest you hit up Big Bear/Snow summit only an hour something away from LA, decent snow and terrain park.

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Yeah, but I didn't found any ski interested :/ Yeah I was in Bear 1 week ago, it was nice :) But I will try Mammoth before I leave 17th december..:) Do you know if there is much snow right now?

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haven't been there yet, but they are saying they have the most terrain open in the US so I guess it'll be pretty good. Mammoth is big enough that with just one side open you can have a good time.

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