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GMOL- Disappointing result and poor information

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Quick background- For the last 5 years have skied a pair 2007-2008 Nordica Blowers (115 flex) off of the shelf that were both too narrow (98mm) and too big (28.5). I have had minor bootwork done along the way but the boots never fit well and hurt my feet constantly. I decided to do it right this year and went to Green Mountain Orthotic Lab in Stratton, VT thinking I would get the perfect boots and advice. I am 6', 220 pounds and a pretty strong skier.


The boot fitter took my measurements, tested my ankle flexibility, toes flexibility and so on. My only input was that I was concerned about flex and needed something stiff...preferably a 130. After trying on a bunch of boots I settled on a Technica Demon 120 in a 27.5, but was still talking about the flex and even asked about the Lange RX 130, which they didn't have in stock and I was told it was a "backcountry" boot anyway. The boot fitter never mentioned that the Technica Demon also came in a 130, which would have been a perfect fit for me, I am assuming it was bc they didn't have them in stock. I also learned when I got home from the shop that the RX 130 would have been a great boot for a guy my size and was not in fact a "backcountry boot". How could an expert not mention these two options?


Here are my questions?


If I can't trust a highly recommended boot fitting shop to recommend the right pair of boots. who can I trust?


Is there a huge difference between a 120 and 130 flex for a heavy, strong skier?


Is there any recourse or am I stuck with a boot that will probably be beneath me for the next few seasons?

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can you overflex the 120 you have now?

ask GMOL and see if they can order the stiffer option, or make the boot you have stiffer?  (booster, or extra rivets, or extra plates)


all flex numbers are marketing numbers,  yes, higher the number the stiffer, but a 120 from lange is not a 120 from technica,   Nor will all 120's feel and flex the same for all people.  I have a hard time flexing a nordica 110, and can move a 130 salomon well.   others are different.


also boots overall are softer then they where 5-10 years ago, so a 130 then is stiffer then a 120 now



overall, my guess is you are fine..

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I cannot overflex the boot as best I can tell....thanks for the response.


I should also state that I was happy with the boot fitting itself and the price was 100 percent fair. I am just disappointed than an expert in that area would not have offered up information that would have absolutely changed my decision. 

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