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ARc'teryx Keibo

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to throw out a line here and find out, has anybody skied in/sells/have an opinion on the new Arc'teryx Keibo jacket?


I tried it on in a local shop here, and really like the fit as it's a lot more 'lean' than most of the ski jacket's I've tried/owned.  Claims to retain 90% of the heat, with 50% of the bulk than the previous model (the Micon I think...)


Downside definitely is price... at $830 CAD.... damn.


I am a guy willing to pay for high quality stuff... but that's just a LOT of money to drop on one coat.


As such, I'm here doing some more homework.... FYI - I do need a fairly cold-proof/wet-proof/wind-proof jacket.  Primarily skiing in SE British Columbia, and Alberta.

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If you like the fit and quality of the Arcteryx stuff, consider getting a shell with some other insulating midlayer.  It'll be a more versatile setup that can still handle the storm/cold days, while also being more useful for the warmer spring days.  The Keibo looks awesome but doubt it'll be your go-to choice in spring conditions; you'll probably sweat your ass off, even with pit zips.


Suitable non-insulated shell alternatives, if you like the fit of the Keibo, would be Arcteryx Sabre or Rush jackets.  Nearly similar features without the insulation.  Rush is a bit more roomy in the shoulders, athletic fit.  Sabre is a bit tighter in the shoulders, more roomy and baggy down lower.  Whatever you prefer.


Far cheaper too.  Check out http://www.zbsports.com/category/Arcteryx-Mens-Jackets they have some amazing deals.  Found them cheaper than anywhere online in North America for Arcteryx jackets.  Prices fluctuate, but I got my Arc jackets for a couple hundred $$ less than my local shop here in Canuckland.

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