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ARc'teryx Keibo

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to throw out a line here and find out, has anybody skied in/sells/have an opinion on the new Arc'teryx Keibo jacket?


I tried it on in a local shop here, and really like the fit as it's a lot more 'lean' than most of the ski jacket's I've tried/owned.  Claims to retain 90% of the heat, with 50% of the bulk than the previous model (the Micon I think...)


Downside definitely is price... at $830 CAD.... damn.


I am a guy willing to pay for high quality stuff... but that's just a LOT of money to drop on one coat.


As such, I'm here doing some more homework.... FYI - I do need a fairly cold-proof/wet-proof/wind-proof jacket.  Primarily skiing in SE British Columbia, and Alberta.

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If you like the fit and quality of the Arcteryx stuff, consider getting a shell with some other insulating midlayer.  It'll be a more versatile setup that can still handle the storm/cold days, while also being more useful for the warmer spring days.  The Keibo looks awesome but doubt it'll be your go-to choice in spring conditions; you'll probably sweat your ass off, even with pit zips.


Suitable non-insulated shell alternatives, if you like the fit of the Keibo, would be Arcteryx Sabre or Rush jackets.  Nearly similar features without the insulation.  Rush is a bit more roomy in the shoulders, athletic fit.  Sabre is a bit tighter in the shoulders, more roomy and baggy down lower.  Whatever you prefer.


Far cheaper too.  Check out they have some amazing deals.  Found them cheaper than anywhere online in North America for Arcteryx jackets.  Prices fluctuate, but I got my Arc jackets for a couple hundred $$ less than my local shop here in Canuckland.

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