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Kastle MX 83 or 88 and length?

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Hi Everyone,


I need some advice on ski selection and ski length; specifically on the Kastle MX 83 or 88.  I am an older, but avid, Eastern skier (agege: 63), 190 lbs, 5' 9", level 7 that skies mostly front-side with occasional forways into light, manageble powder.  I currently ski on Blizzard Magnum 76 skis.  Will the 88's be too stiff for me?  I ski at modedate speed.  I also need a recommendation on length...the 168 or the 178 (it seems I fall right in between)?  Thanks much!

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I have been looking at Kastle also, but do think their wide sizing gaps leave some people in the middle...FWIW, they have a product finder on their website http://www.kaestle-ski.com/en/product-finder/ it recommends a 173 for the 83 and a 178 for the 88 based on your stats (intermediate of average fitness).


I have never been on either ski, but would go for the 173/83 in your situation.

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The Kastle MX 83 and MX 88 are 2012, and I don't think they come in 173 cm, do they?  Only 168 and 178 cm, right?

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I am a Kastle MX 88 owner. I have not skied the MX 83, but I would go for the narrower width.

The MX 83 reviews by Dawgcatcher on this site raved about it. The MX 88 has a 20 radius.

I think you would have more fun on the 83. I am 6'0 feet 210 and the 178 is perfect for me.

There is nothing wrong with getting the shorter ski. 



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Thanks, Steve.  And how do you like the 83's in light powder and crud?

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I have not tried the MX 83, but the MX 88 which has the same construction is a great

ski in light powder and crud. It is a very smooth ski. I love the tip on the ski. It is not a soft ski,

but it doesnt have the planky feel that some do. 



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Sorry, I meant the 88.


So then why do you have the 88 as opposed to the 83?  Do you prefer a wider radius?

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The MX88 won't be too much ski for you.  It's very forgiving for as high performance as it is.  I'm 6' 1" and 185 lbs and ski the 178cm MX88 as my everyday ski in PA.  You could go for the shorter 168, but I'd think the 178 will work as well.


If you ski a lot of very hard snow and ice, the MX83 may be the better choice.



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I spent a lot of time on both, and enjoy them both but decided that there was too much overlap for me. I originally had the MX88 in 178, but it skis long, and likes to stretch it's legs so I'm now on the 168 in the Whistler quiver. For you skiing mainly least coast front side, for sure the MX83 in 174.

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I think you're exactly the reason Kastle delivered the MX83 in lengths that are smack in the middle of those of the MX88.  You're 'in between' lengths for the 88, which is quite common, so the 83 has been designed with you in mind.  That being the case, if you buy the MX83 in 173cm not only do you get a fantastic ski that will handle virtually anything you throw it at, but it's been tailor made just for you. How nice is that?


If you read Dawg's reviews of the MX83 (see below) you'll see he's perfectly happy on that ski in light powder and crud.  One thing he does mention is that he's quite sensitive to the length of ski.  The 83 seems right for you on this front.


No doubt you've already found them, but here are the reviews.  Dawg is a smaller guy than yourself (around 155lbs from memory) although I imagine he skis more aggressively and that would largely make up for the difference.






FYI, many people will own the 88 simply because this is the first year Kastle has released the 83.  Previously the decision was between the MX78 (also a great ski - I own that one in 184cm) or the MX88.  Or the MX70 or the FX84 or the FX94 or the BMX88 or the LX82 or the LX92.  Sheesh!.


They're both great skis for your purpose, and you can hardly make a bad call.  


Best of luck.

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I, too, have skied the MX88 in 178 in the east and am about your weight and age. Like you, I'm not a high speed GS  turn style skier and I never pushed it to it's limits. I found it a very easy ski to transition to, it does well in bumps that I enjoy skiing (read not zipper line) and performs well on hard snow. I've skied it in the west and it's amazingly versatile, except for a few days of really deep powder. Having said that, I prefer a narrower ski for faster edge change and it's a little less stress on my aging knees, so another Bear will ski my old 88's this season. I would not be afraid to downsize to the 170's if speed performance is not an issue. I demo'd the Kastle LX 82 out west this season in some new snow and it did great, but, it may not be a great eastern hard snow ski.

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Originally Posted by Michaelfahlund View Post

The Kastle MX 83 and MX 88 are 2012, and I don't think they come in 173 cm, do they?  Only 168 and 178 cm, right?


No, the MX 83 is a 2013 model, while the MX 88 could be a 2012 or 2013 model, the former of which has a dual radius sidecut, while the latter has an elliptical sidecut.  The MX 83 comes in lengths ending with a "3," while the MX 88 comes in lengths ending in an "8."


Go longer, as the Kastles run short.

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