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BSL change of 1 millimeter????

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Undetectable on Marker indicator.


Detectable but still within normal range on Tyrolia and Look.


Does this check out?

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I'm skiing two different boots right now on a variety of Rossignol bindings.  The boots say 316mm and 317mm.  I can't detect any difference.  The bindings were all originally set up for the 317 length.


In a week or so, I'm going to post a review of the new boots - Rossi Exp 130 SI.

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Remember that correct forward pressure is a RANGE not a specific point for most bindings.  An mm or two won't make much of a difference as long as the bindings are adjusted so that both boots are within the acceptable measurement for forward pressure.

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If the forward pressure indicator is within the range for most bindings or set as close as possible to flush for that Marker screw, your good to go.

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Thanks, guys.

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How about a 4mm difference? Had a 330, now have a 326,but the skis and schizoes are in the shop as my bsl on one of them got out of adjustment rather horribly just sitting in the garage during the off season. Even the shop was stumped on the schizo. Worked fine for two seasons.....err about 20 days.

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The "range" I referred to in my previous post is usually at least 5mm and sometimes up to 10mm.  So it depends on how large the range of acceptable forward pressure is for the binding.  That will tell you whether it can handle a 4mm difference, but IME most bindings can handle 4mm.  Of course one boot is going to have more forward pressure than the other.  Forward pressure is a good thing and keeps you from prematurely releasing, so if you have to err on one side or the other then err on the side of more forward pressure, not less.

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TX, with the Schizos in the shop I will go and play with my Mojo 15s with my other boot.

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Depends on if you are already at the end of the range, and which end, before you go up or down 4 mm.

Regardless of how much the change is, check the forward pressure; in must be within the accepted range.

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