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Volkl Bridge vs. Salomon Lord- Revisited

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Hello all, first time poster long time follower here (be gentle)!


Last season I demoed skis out in Big Sky for a week.  I was looking to get back into skiing as it had been about six years since my last time out.  I was a confident skier and would have rated myself around a 7 looking towards an 8.  I didn't know what to expect getting back into it last season but was pleasantly surprised.  After two trips out west, I feel I'm still around the same ability on the scale.


That being said, one of the skis I had tried was the Volkl Bridge.  I loved it.  Was the first time I ever tried a ski that was recommended to what I described my ability and terrain preference to be.  I'm making three trips out west this coming season now and I'm trying to weigh my options.


I like to be able to have the option to ski everything.  I prefer powder & moguls, but will also do groomed runs as well.  I tend to stick to blues and blacks that give me a variety of terrain.  I tried the Kendo as well, but found way more comfort around the mountain using the Bridge.


Some people have been telling me to consider the Salomon Lord as well.  They say that both are rocker, twin tip ski's that are good choices for all-mountain terrain.  I was curious if anyone has a preference between the two?  I'm sure that there's others out there, and I would love to hear input on that, but given the pricing of the two as well I've started to consider the Lord a bit, though I did love the Bridge.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome.

 I'm tempted to say if you love it get it!

 Can you demo the Lord? You might hate it? You might love it, then it's down to best price? Volkl tend towards the stiffer end of the spectrum, I can't remember the Lords making much impression on me one way or the other.

 You say you have three trips out west, is that where you mainly ski? How tall/heavy are you?

 Maybe someone could give you a better idea with a little more information.

 I tried the bushwacker and loved it but we are all different and I don't much care for a very stiff or heavy ski so I tried the BW in a 159 when convention says a 170 something would be better for me- go figure!

 Demo all on the same day on the same runs if you can would be the best advice I think. Have fun.

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Thanks for the reply, lilywhite.


I'm 5'10", 180lbs.  I did so much demoing last season that I was just hoping to finally have a pair for the upcoming season.  It's a little serendipitous as well being that everything is on sale today.  After consulting opinions all day, I think I've decided on the Volkl Bridge 179's with Marker Griffon 12's.


I appreciate the advice though, and look forward to testing everything out come end of December.  Now it just needs to hurry up and get here!

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