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White Grizzly Cat Skiing

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Best described as a quaint, comfortable, family operation, White Grizzly runs the best cat I've ever experienced.  On top of the plush tuck and roll interior, the food on board was extraordinary and the skiing....well....pretty awesome.  Just 1:30 north of Nelson in Meadow Creek, B.C., White Grizzly is easily accessible.  Their lodge is more an over-sized cabin with all the comforts of home.  Our group had the lodge all to ourselves (not necessarily a good idea) and really enjoyed the down times in the evening with just our own group.


In the morning, it's about a twenty minute drive to the cat pick up then off you go.  What is really interesting about their skiing tenure, among other features, is that they don't get any wind.  As a result, virtually all aspects are without wind-slab resulting in a more consistent, softer snowpack than most places I've skied.  There is a potential drawback to that, though.  Our first trip there, we happened to hit it with a warm front going through so the snow was a little wet down low.  With that, there are massive tree-bombs that had built up in the lower forest that started dropping so we really needed to be careful where we skied and stopped to be sure to not be under one of those 2,000 pound behemoths when they dropped.  eek.gif  


As for the terrain, White Grizzly caters to expert skiers.  Virtually all their terrain is a consistent 40-plus degrees which tends to thin out the crowd.  Brad and Carol, the owners choose to not promote their accommodations and food so much but to rather boast about their terrain and the overall quality of what we skied.  It is very good.  


Another interesting feature we saw while there were the flying squirrels.  How often do you see these little guys?  It was pretty cool to see them cruising from tree to tree while doing a little flying ourselves.  All in all, White Grizzly is a bit of a unique experience and one I look forward to getting back to.  Check them out at http://www.whitegrizzly.com/


Here's a video clip that better shows the White Grizzly operation:


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No mention of the Grizzly Tea? (was that what it was called?) It sure was tasty, and that cat is plush and the nicest they come. 


Lower-end video look at White Grizzly from my trip up there this past February: (it had not snowed in 1.5 weeks, but conditions were still decent in the trees!)


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Kootenay Tea.  I'm not a tea drinker so don't have first hand knowledge but in the video. Bob Legasa mentions something about it.  Looks like you had pretty decent conditions when you were there, even though it hadn't snowed for awhile.  I forgot about "Ski Good or Eat Wood"!  Pretty apt.  

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Who's going this season? I'm there again...

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Are you sure about the 40+? 40+ normally means some serious sloughs. Well, at least the terrain on the videos is in the 25-30 degree range.

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apeyros - As I mentioned, we hit it with a fairly serious warm front hitting, known as a Pineapple Express.  You can also see at the beginning of the video, the shear test being done.  It was sketchy at best when we were there.  We stayed very low angle as a result.  Brad's point there, though, is that the vast majority of the terrain is steep and it's their intent to have good, experienced skiers there with them.  Honestly, filming conditions weren't good so we weren't able to get very many decent shots. We actually spent a lot of our time in that rock garden with the pillows you saw. Kind of the way it goes when you go on ski adventures; sometimes epic, sometimes, not so much.

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My point is that people are overestimating slope angles. Skiing 40 degree trees is barely possible. And in most places the snow doesn't even stick to these runs. So skiing 25-30 degree pitches is hard and exhilarating enough.

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I didn't measure slope angle at any of the locations so can't say with certainty what any of them are.  I went by what WG claims without having the experience of skiing anything steep there due to stability.  

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No problem at all! And thank you for your threads, -  great stuff and i am looking forward to more of them.

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Thanks and yes, I'll keep putting them up.  Most of the stuff up right now is from last year.  I'll start having new edits to post about mid-January.  In the meantime, most of this just whets the appetite!

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Amazing videos everytime. Looks like a great trip to me! Dont always have to ride steep lines. I love the videos because they give me an idea of places i would like to go visit some day! Thanks and keep them coming
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jiblue18 - Thanks!  Yes, we'll keep them coming.  The stuff I'm posting right now was shot last year.  I'll be posting more as December goes on; there's a few more in the bag.  But starting the end of December, we start our new season of shooting so I'll be putting up current videos as we shoot them.  Stay tuned!  You can check out our inventory at any time either through http://www.epicski.com/peak-travels or on our Vimeo page.  Also, please check us out at our FaceBook page, linked below in my signature line.

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