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Motorcylce racing ...

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Been a sad old 12 months or so for British motorcycling with Sheen, Dunlop, and now Steve Hislop moving on to the big bike stand in the sky. I only hope Valentino Rossi (who's practically treated as a Brit now) and Neil Hodgeson are here to stay. Will be interesting to see if Hodgeson does move to MotoGP next year ... I wonder if his standing one sided wheelies are as good a Rossi's ??

Any other motorcycle fans around ?

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Of course. F1 is so dull in comparison. Motorcycle racing should copyright the word racing as opposed to following which is what happens in F1. Too dull for my tastes.
moto racing is just so much more exciting from start to finish who the hell would prefer to watch F1 over moto racing.
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Strange how motorcycle racing gets bugger all coverage on UK TV however 75,000 people turn up for the SuperBikes at Brands Hatch (that's just race day, never mind the other 2 days). There's the odd 30mins or so on BBC (not normally live) unless of course the cricket (yawn yawn) has run over. Not many sporting events in the UK that have that sort of attendance.
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Sheen as in Barry Sheen? What happened?
I am a former WERA racer. I haven't thought much about motorcycles in a long time.I was racing when Yamaha TA 125's were the hot set up THAT was a long time ago!In fact WERA was ERA when I was racing.
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Sheene died of cancer earlier this year. They've renamed one of the corners at Brands Hatch in his honour.
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I just got home from the Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca and the Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance. It's always great to see so many of the great old cars in one place. I would really like to attend the Goodwood Festival.

I still love F1; but, to paraphrase Gilles Villeneuve, "take off the wings and double the horsepower and then we'll see who can really drive." I wish we could see the same kind of dicing - at the front of an F1 field - that you see in MotoGP. And, as much as I like Hodgeson, I don't think World Super Bike is quite as exciting this year as it was last year with Edwards, Bayliss and the other defectors - no offense intended.

I saw a great t-shirt at the track this weekend:

Too dumb for opera

Too smart for Nascar

I wouldn't wear it, but I thought it was really funny.


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I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed a couple of times in its early days.
Without doubt the best motorsports event I've ever been to.
Of course word got out, and now its just too busy.
I just love historic racing. Sure wish I could have seen those guys live in their heyday.
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