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Alternatives (Revised)

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What is the best Summer alternative(s) to snow-sports?
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Great rework! The second question tactic is very thoughtful.

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What about waterskiing? I'm suprised that waterskiing didn't make your poll and that no one else seems to mention it in this forum. In my area of the country we get to do a lot more waterskiing than snow skiing. Its a great workout and a lot more fun than going to the gym to stay in shape for winter snow sports. In the summer I joke that I go to work during the week so that I can rest up for the next weekend. The season lasts from April thru October and even longer for the hard core waterskiers. Knoxville TN has a January waterski fund raising event each year. A dry suit is recommended. You can actually waterski during the day and snow ski at night an hour up the road at Ober Gatlinburg. Snow ski season lasts at best 4 months long in North Carolina and Tennessee but can only be dependable January thru February.

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