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Which lenght for Line Blends for me?

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I've the chance to get used line blends - either in 168 or in 178 (the 2011 modell). Now I am a little bit unsure, which lenght i should take...

to me: I am about 170 cm tall (honestly, I think I am 168 - but I always say I am 170 ;-) ) and my weight is about 60 kg (132 lbs). I am a good skier - when I was young I did also some ski races; but the last years I mainly was skiing for fun - powder, touring and also piste.

I will use this ski for piste and powder, when there's fresh snow. Here where I live, more than 40cm fresh powder are quite seldom. In the ski resorts near my home there are nice off-piste possibilities, but as I mostly ski with friends, I also spend some time on piste... there I'd like to "play" a bit with the ski, skiing switch or some really easy jumps...but no park skiing.


What do you suggest, which length I sholuld take?


Thanks for your advice!



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Are you skiing big mountain lines out West or tight trees in the East? Your use of metric says you are either in Europe or Canada (like me).

Will these be your only skis? If not what are your other skis and their length? If you could get a 173 that would probably be the ideal length but due to the early rise tip and playful flex the 178 ski should work for you if you have decent skills and are not doing super tight stuff. 

BTW you can get the 2012  173 new with bindings for $499 US out of Oakville Ontario.


Hope that helps

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Yes, I live in Austria...

No, the skies are not my only ones...for piste I have my elan magfires in 168 (116-76-102) and they work well...

I'd like to take the blends when there's fresh snow - even not too much - to ski on and off piste...

I have a friend, who's selling his 2 blends (one in 168 of his wife and one in 178 of him) really cheap... but as he has also other people interessted in the skies, I have to chose before i might have a chance to test them...

but honestly i have the fear that 178 is too long for me, as I am not too heavy... as I mentioned, i think i am a good skier - each year about 20 days skiing (inkl. touring) for over 20 years now :)

the 168 are as long as i am tall (maybe 1 cm shorter - when i am standing nearby the skies). my friend who skied the 178 is about 177 tall and has a weight of nearly 80 kg...and he said, they worked fine...

well, I am unsure, but somehow tend to take the 168...

are you really of the opinion that they are too short?


best regards, sandra

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After your reponse I would agree with you that 168 is the correct length. If they are too short you can always sell them.

Enjoy your season

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