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Snow is flying

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Seven springs is making snow, and are going to try to open this weekend

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Sweet!  Looks like cold temps until next Sunday then maybe a warm trend before the final plunge into Laurel winter for the following weekend.

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Anyone planning on being there opening day?

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My son and I finally made it up this morning. It never went below freezing the previous night so the snow was soft. Tyrol, Stowe, the two trails with the same name, Wagner, Fawn and Philips and Santa's Beard park were open. there were a few bare spots by Sunday but still nice conditions. We skied all except Philips which look in better shape than Fawn. All the park rats exit on Fawn. 

By mid-day the mogul maniacs had built some nice practice bumps along the skiers right on Stowe (same as it ever was). They were nicely formed and tight but in prime spring condition. The thermometer at the bottom lift shack read near 60.

There was enough blow-in to cover the steep headwall into Yak-Yak Glade and nice cover on the Stowe side to make turns to mid-mountain. The pocket glade between Tyrol and Avalanche was skiable to.

The morning started overcast but soon we got a nice mid-morning blast of blue sky and sunshine. We were smiling before but the sun made us chuckle with mirth. The clear skies turned grey by noon and light rain was soon to fall. By 1 o"clock we were feeling jaded and headed in, happy with the skiing we did and hungry for more. 

Man, it nice to be on the snow again.

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Laurel Hill


Super nice to be back on the snow and in November to boot!   Friday was the day with all snow skiable and velvety.  The side of Tyrol and Avy was sweet and soft.  Saturday was good and you got Sunday right.

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I was there on Saturday and skied most of the day.  I just looked at the webcams and it looks sad.  Hopefully it will start to get cold again soon.  

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Cold last night down to 20.  Looks like they ran guns on Wagner, but here comes another HOT spell until next Monday night.  Even Holiday Valley is getting warm rain this weekend.

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I saw that they made snow today/last night but I saw on the website it wasn't enough to open this weekend... sighfrown.gif

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We are all the way back to grass.   Looks like two cold nights then two or three warm nights then cold.   This weather is torture after granting us a nice three day start!

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they were getting hit with a lot of snow these past few days, looks like they have a good base for this weekend

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I now have 26 inches on the yard snow stick at 2650'  The Ridge is covered well, but there are no layers to the base just powder so the back country is very limited.  Did anyone else get out on the 31st?  It was packed powder and there was even good visibility for the first time this season.  Best day so far this season.

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Help me.  I'm melting!!!!!!

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