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Avy I courses?

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Anyone have any recommendations for Avalanche courses in the Seattle area or have a recommended course provider to go with.

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I'll let the local chime in with specific recommendations, but here are some lists to start with: (choose Pacific Northwest & Level 1 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel)

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Go north of the border....excelllant courses:



Lots of Americans take these....

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Martin Volken at Pro Guiding Services is your man.  They had an open course for next week in Issaquah and Alpy but it's sold out.  You might call anyway and get on a wait list or find out when they're going again.


I don't know Martin himself but I know Mike Hattrup and Rinaldo Borra who both guide for Martin's company.  They are world class.  Mike has nothing but the best things to say about Martin as a world renowned mountaineer.  He even made the cover of Outside Magazine a few years ago.  And to think he lives right in North Bend.

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If you ski Crystal at all, Ridge explorations is a great one.


Happy touring!

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