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The Meaningless Fischer "RC4" Moniker

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I'm mildly exasperated by the many posts that include the phrase, "... I have a pair of Fischer RC4s ...," as though that were meaningful information to anyone. It seems to me that "RC4" is a character string that has appeared prominently on the topsheets of about half of all Fischer models, going back decades. Certainly in the last 8 or 10 years, all Fischer race skis or race carvers - at least five different skis in each model year - have featured "RC4" in big letters on the tail. Meanwhile, appended is what I think has been the general scheme for Fischer race-oriented skis in recent years, focusing on the meaningful parts of the model designations, typically printed in a relatively small typeface on the ski. I believe that every single one of these skis says "RC4" somewhere on it. rolleyes.gif  I wish Fischer would just drop that extremely confusing cluster of characters.


FIS-compliant or otherwise "real" race skis:

  • World Cup SL - slalom ski
  • World Cup GS - giant slalom ski


Non-FIS-compliant or otherwise "cheater" skis for beer-leaguers, carve-aholics, and other ice-inhabiting civilians:

  • World Cup SC - slalom ski
  • World Cup RC - giant slalom ski


Race-Lite skis:

  • Race SC (older model - was a combi ski)
  • Superrace SC (newer model, easy slalom ski a la Head Supershape)
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The Superrace SC and Race SC confuse me more.  I'd imagine "RD" and "RS" confuse folks too.  So does putting "R&D" as "top-secret" and/or "classified" sidecut dimensions on a ski with "RD" in the title.  That right there is excessive.


Then again, so is Fischer putting "WC" on any ski that isn't a race-stock ski (which is most of them).


"Team" ought to be taken off children's boots who don't participate in a team.


GS ought to be dropped from any ski whose radius is not 23+ meters.


"Pro" ought to be dropped from any ski or boot not intended for pros.



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I agree.  They get name recognition due to a good product (RC4 decades ago), and then slap than moniker on everything.

Same with Head Supershapes, supershape this, and supershape that; heads XRC line was quite confusing too (the trick was to look for the SW in the name.

Oh, and an interesting thing with the Fischers was the "race" model was less up to the task, than the ones that didn't say "race".

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Let's not forget that HEAD now has the "i" in their title.


So we have our iPhones, iPods, iPads, and on the slope we can have our iSpeed skis.  Yay.  I'm super-stoked for when the "e" series comes out.

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Originally Posted by PlugBootBlues View Post

Let's not forget that HEAD now has the "i" in their title.

So we have our iPhones, iPods, iPads, and on the slope we can have our iSpeed skis.  Yay.  I'm super-stoked for when the "e" series comes out.

The "i" is shorthand for "intelligence chip", which has been a feature on certain Head ski models for maybe ten years.
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You are right RC4 went on lots of Fisher Skis as did "Vaccuum"...as I understand, RC4 actually referred to the type of wood used for the skis core, and of course vaccuum referrred to the process used to make the skis.




Story goes, they had massive spread sheet with all the various possible core materials...cell "RC4" was the type of wood they decided to use...so the skis became RC4s.  I dont know if that is true or not, but it was the story I was told.

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qcanoe et al,,,,


Remember that marketing has nothing to do with reality. With communicating facts, truth, objective information.


Marketing is all about selling. The image.


You all know this, yet wonder why such terms appear on the strangest objects; Team, Expert, Extreme, Killer, Death, Olympic, SIX, FEX, LEX, CEX, HEX, SEXX, TEXX, etc,,,,( good taste will not allow some other more recent terms found on skis, clothing, drinks ).


You are right on qcanoe if you want effective information. The marketing persons think those terms sell. They are lost in their "self made bubble".


May I suggest you all write to the CEO of the companies. They do read messages. They are sensitive to important persons like you since your post will float in cyber-space for yeons.


Go ahead write.


Back to skiing.

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First let me say that I think that you guys are great,  But you have little chance of the euros changing the race nomenclature.  It is like Porsche taking the 9 off of the 911 935 970 990 etc.....   

I will ask you rather what would like to see in it's place.  I'm lucky enough to sit on a product council for the brands.  We have already seen everything for next year. 2013/2014. The product managers are always looking for new ideas.


Love the passion

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RC4:  Well if they are still using the same wood as the original RC4 spread sheet, that's fine.  It must have been a really really big batch of lumber.

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Most ski companies have been guilty of coming out with very popular high performance ski along with a low end ski with similar name and graphics whose only purpose seems to be to confuse the ski buyers. Inevitably buddy buys a ski for a great price thinking he has the high end one but he has been fooled and paid for the low end ski.

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Bring back the RADARC!



(But, seriously, this is the third week of hike-to WVa snow, and Fischer's SBound series is lagging behind both Madshus and Rossi in ability to deal with the WVa version of Sierra Cement, can we -please- have at least an 80mm waisted offering there?)

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What does the "Radical" in Rossignol race skis refer to?


And what the heck does "World Cup" or "WC" mean on a non-FIS race ski?

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PlugBootBlues et al,,

To understand some of those model names, you have understand the "mind set" of the executives in the companies.

In the case of the Rossi "Radical" term you must appreciate that the French love the term, "Radical" like the Americans love the term "Extreme". Everything is "extreme" in USA media. In France "Radical" means,,,,,,,, away from the pack, "revolutionary", "unique" as in, "Voici un radical move" !


As in all marketing hype,,,it is too much. Over the top for many. All you have to do is watch You Tube presentations by company reps of the new "hot" radical, extreme products!!!!


Just read the BBR 2012 marketing slogans and hype. To some the earth trembled when Salomon brought down this ski from the mountain !


We should have annual "Hype Prize" for the most "extreme" marketing statement or marketing presentation.


I have heard some over the years. May I suggest that the above writers form a selection committee and ask for samples for 2013.


Good luck.


Respectfully to all.


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RC4 can't refer to wood anymore, because the Fischer race boots are also designated "RC4"

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Yes. All those letters a numbers can seem confusing at times but need not be.


The designation RC4 evolved from “Cut 4” a specific design Fischer engineers developed back in the Franz Klammer era that they believed would prove an especially good race design. All Fischer skis in the racing category have borne the RC4 designation since.


As soon as you see “RC4” you know that it is a ski in their racing category as opposed to Fischer’s freeskiing, touring models et cetera. Thereafter, you can explore or ignore Fischer skis beginning with the designation “RC4”.


The next set of letters you see may contain the end letters “DH”, “SG”, “GS” or “SL”. These letters signify FIS compliant Fischer race skis. If you are not looking for FIS compliant skis you can skip over all of these skis with those specific end letter designations.  


If the racing skis you are looking at contain the end letters RC (“R” as in “Riesenslalom” which refers to “GS” in German) or SC, these skis are intended to be suitable as “club” racing GS or Slalom skis respectively. “Club” racing includes beer leagues, Nastar, City League and just about any race program not adhering to FIS rules. The designation “Pro” that may follow just means that they are the club skis most likely suitable for club racers.


Rounding out the race category are those skis with actual names appended to the RC4 designation like “Superrace” RC or  “Superrace” SC (The Superrace RC is not sold in the USA but it is in Canada). These are seen as the most forgiving skis in Fischer’s race category and also sometimes preferred by lighter skiers whether they race or not.


So, it’s not really all that confusing.  Of course, you need not be a racer to possibly enjoy many of these models. Although to somewhat complicate things, more than a few decent club racers race on Fischer’s “Progressor” line which Fischer denotes as their “High Performance” line.


Völkl at one time stated that the wood cores for their skis were made of wood that was specially selected from a single forest in Germany that produced exceptional properties.  I am not really familiar with their current core selection practices.

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