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hart skis

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just wondering why we don't see more of this brand?


personally i don't know of anyone who skis it, just that our famous canadian olympian alexandre bilodeau skied on Hart when he won our gold at men's freestyle skiing ( moguls ) in vancouver 2010 ...and who can forget THAT  amazing performance as seen here once again for your drool worthy enjoyment eek.gif

(once read an interview with him... when training for moguls, bilodeau uses slim skis, which he and colleagues call 'submarines')


i was on just harts's website; and they do make a number of diverse models (all mtn, powder etc)  just as the big players we all know their lack of popularity with the masses due to lack of funds and marketing to compete with the big boys so they're not one of the big flavours of the hill?


 it must be tough for any smaller company to survive against the big guns of atomic, rossi, blizzard, k2, fischer, salomon, nordica etc

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Great performance by Bilodeau.

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Hart has always had a niche in the mogul market.  I used thier stuff in the 80s.  (But I grew up in MN, where they were a common sight, as they were local.)  They were bust for a long time.  Do you remember EP waterskis?  Same folks I think.  I don't know who owns Hart these days.  (Or EP)  I've never seen one of their modern skis outside of a mogul comp.

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