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Winter Ski lesson programs in Vail

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Hi there, my partner is new to skiing and is wanting to join a ski school / program that offers weekly to twice weekly ski lesson packages over a 6 to 8 week period in Vail. Does anyone know of any programs that are on offer? thanks

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Welcome to EpicSki!  What is the reason you are only looking at Vail?  There are a lot of ski schools in that part of Colorado.


What is your partner doing for boots?  Renting skis can be the best approach early on until there is a chance to find out what type of ski is better.  But well worth investing the time working with an experienced boot fitter.  Learning to ski in boots that hurt or are too loose is never a good idea.

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I don't think there is a multi-week lesson plan of any sort at Vail itself.

If you can get to Breckenridge or Keystone, both of those Vail resorts offer season lesson plans where you can take all the day-long lessons you want every Thursday through Sunday except some holidays.
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Vail does have a number of specialty programs, including some geared especially for women (http://www.vail.com/ski-and-snowboard-school/adult-lessons/adult-lessons/specialty-programs.aspx#women#Top) and beginners http://www.vail.com/ski-and-snowboard-school/school-deals.aspx#adultdeals#Top) but I am not sure if any of them are on a weekly basis.  If you don`t see exactly what you are looking for and it has to be Vail, I would consider contacting the ski school directly to see if they can put something together for you.


If it doesn`t have to be Vail, I think Kneale`s recommendation could be a good way to go (assuming that they are still selling the unlimited group lessons).

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thanks everyone and we have rented a house in West Vail over Jan & Feb so it would need to be in either  Vail or Beaver Creek. This will be the 3rd time that my partner has skied with lessons on each occasion and the good news is she loves it. She wants to work on becoming a better skier though she has been sking on hire boots which has given her plenty of grief so we are looking at getting her fitted out in a pair of the Zipfit boot liners or possibly surefoot.



thanks for all of your suggestions and we will look into it further



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I would recommend seeing Greg just below the top of chair 4 for boots assuming your partner is up to skiing an easy blue...I got fitted in Breck by Jeff Bergeron, but Greg was just listed as one of the top 15 boot fitters in the US...not sure how he works it, but being on the hill has to have some advantages.

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great thanks for the tip on the boots and we be sure to track him down - cheers

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