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Taking a newbie out

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Heading to Lake Tahoe Areas next week with a very good skier who wants an intro to some backcountry skinning and skiing. Not really an all day thing. Looking for beta on a location to teach her some skills. Any ideas?
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Mt. Rose Summit would probably be the standard place, although I have had good half day tours in Negro Bill Canyon. There's a store called The Backcountry, or something like that, and their web page has a section outlining some tours.

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Thanks. Any Beta on conditions
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The local avy forecast is always a great first place to start. smile.gif

Ideally, if you're in any potential avy territory with a BC beginner, have an experienced 3rd experienced person with you. The 'beginner' always will be in the middle during the trip. Let them know what you're doing and why. That includes where to descend and where to stop, etc.... Don't scare them of course, but let them know objectively what you're looking for, why, and potential consequences. Goes without saying, but beacon, probe, shovel... Map, compass, altimeter and show them a little about navigation. Do some beacon practice before the trip. Dig a pit for your own info as well as using it as a teaching tool for your friend. Lot's of types to chose from of course, so we'll leave that to you. From your point of view, remember the new BC skier will be pretty much useless if anything goes wrong. That's where the experienced third person comes into the picture. I'd do most of the above even if I weren't in possible avy terrain.

I know that sounds all serious, but I just approach it as establishing a good set of habits and basic protocols. It can all be done with a smile, that's for sure!

Yeah, I didn't mention the whole list of the other usual stuff you take... (Like water!) I'm assuming some prior experience on your part. smile.gif.

And second on the backcountry store.
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Thanks for the info. Good stuff. I have extensive experience and worked in avi control
More interested in local beta to save time on the trip hunting around. Avi info is great but you can't beat local knowledge.
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Aaron, sorry if I was dumb talking you. Wasn't my intent at all. Epicski is many things, but a place to look for good backcountry/avy knowledge, well, let's say it's very limited compared to what you'll find on other sites and often posts like yours are more of the 'I got a shovel and some skins, where do I go?' variety. There are a few exceptions, but... I wonder if there's a California equivalent to 


(Anyone here who actually skins for turns here, this post isn't intended to offend anyone. You know what you know, do what you do, and that's good. smile.gif )

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