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Hey Primoz..

You may have to change your mind about the better autofocus ability of SLR's.

The new Sony A99 is one step better...

Full electronic cameras will make SLR's obsolete just like electronic image sensors have made film obsolete.

It may already have happened.

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Dakine to be honest, I never saw this camera, but based on this what I have seen until now, I don't think I will need to change my mind anytime soon ;)

I believe this camera is perfectly fine, but thing is, that autofocus system on pro bodies (Canon 1d or Nikon 3d or whatever their current pro body is) is completely different then anything else. I have read and listen to many people telling that some of bodies just under 1d level, like 5dmk3, 7d etc. (I'm staying with Canon since I have at least a bit of idea about their other then 1d series products, but same thing applies also for Nikon), are as good if not even better then 1d bodies, but when you take these things and go to field, you notice they are nowhere near. And AF system is thing, that makes biggest difference.

Maybe, this Sony is something completely different, and it might be better then top of line pro bodies, but based on my experiences (there was many cameras until now, where manufactures were claiming, they have better af performance then anyone else ever, but they failed miserably in real life), I doubt.

I'm not saying this is not going to be future. And there really might be, but for next few years, I wouldn't be expecting this yet. But as I said, I have never seen this camera yet in real life, so I have no idea how good it really is or isn't.


Just one more thing, or sample what current 1d bodies (1dmk4 with 500/4 lens) are capable:

This is Ciaslat jump in Val Gardena (this years World cup DH race), and skiers are heading down around 100km/h. You don't see skier not even a fraction of second before he comes out in air already. Focus was preset to gate, to limit focus search once skier is out in air, and single AF point was selected. When I saw skier going over Camel jumps, I started to count down (approximately 12-15sec) to be ready, when skier will show in frame. After he was in frame, I pressed AF button, and first photo (1-2m closer to me from gate) was in focus already, as every single one after that (3-4 frame sequence). Until now, I didn't see any other Canon camera, that would be capable of doing this (except for previous 1d series). That's reason why I'm at least a bit skeptic about this ;)

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SLTs are pretty neat because the AF sensor is always getting fed information, whereas the sensors on an SLR are momentarily 'blind' while the mirror is flipping up/down.  So in theory an equivalent SLT autofocus system could do better tracking a moving subject while firing off exposures compared to an SLR.


But there's a lot more to it than just that.  It doesn't seem like Sony has really caught up to the Canon/Nikon pro-level bodies, but they may get there eventually.

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They seem to have caught up in cost.

It will take a few years for full electronics to be accepted by pros.

Nobody will ever match the Canon and Nikon lens line which is the best reason ot select these manufacturers.

I also doubt if Canon and Nikon will ever quite match Sony in electronic cleverness.

Every manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses, you make your choice and pay.

What is most impressive to me is how great some of the lesser products from these manufacturers have gotten.

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