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How tight is too tight?

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I'm trying to not make the same mistake of buying too big, but also don't want to go far in the opposite direction.

I'm currently in a size 270-275 Nordica Speedmachine 110. I have a fairly narrow foot, with good ankle flexibility. I thought I bought the Nordica small and snug, but apparently not quite enough. I was shell fitted and tried on a number of boots at the time, and understood that the liner would pack out. Nevertheless, now it is a tad sloppy. I'm surprised, since I understood all about getting the right shell size. (In my defense, I have later heard that this particular boot was made with a wider heel, with more liner padding to compensate.). I'm an advanced but not expert eastern skier, with realistically 20 ski days/year. Hopefully one or two trips out west.

I tried on new boots last week with a new fitter, someone who seems really good. He measured all feet parameters, looked at foot shape and ankle flexibility, asked about skiing ability and preferred terrian, etc. He recommends one shell size down, to a 265. After trying on a number of boots, most we rejected because they weren't snug enough. One we rejected because it was just too small and my feet were still very uncomfortable after having them on for a while (unfortunately, I don't remember which boot that was).

We ended up with a choice between the Fischer Soma Vacuum 110 and the Atomic Burner 110, i believe in a 98 last. He actually didn't have the Atomic in my size, so we used the Burner 90 and ordered the 110. The Atomic felt nearly perfect, while the Fischer squashed the toes a bit, but hopefully would mold to my feet. The Fisher is $250. more than the Atomic.

My question is, just how uncomfortable should a ski boot be in the shop? Should i revisit the one that was too tight? Should I try an even smaller shell size? In various posts here, I've heard boot fitters and others express frustration about clients who insist on a comfy fit in the shop, even though the shell is too big. I'm an educated consumer and understand the importance of a tight fit, but also don't want to go too small, so it will be painful to ski.

How do you know when tight is too tight, and how painful should a boot be when you first try it on?
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Read and printout this section http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me

and carry it with you to the shop to refer to as you try on boots.


Any boot that is going to fit after it is broken in will be "VERY TIGHT" initiallycool.gif, for reference push you knee downward to the front and your toes should pull back off of the front of the liner.  Only after it is heat molded and skied in will the fit become comfortable.  Comfy in the skis shop will never work long term.  Just in case, we recommend a 15mm shell fit as a maximum for performance skiing.


This type of shell fit requires that you tighten the ankle buckle as tight as comfortably possible to hold and retain the heel in the rear of the shell while skiing, of you may bump your toes.



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Don't know if I agree with the "very tight" but it doesn't manner as in general Mike's comments are correct.   My rule is that if the shell fit is correct, everything else will fall into place.  Boots feel shorter when new due to the liner and a day or two of skiing or even heating the liner and then wearing in the store should remove the problem.  Every manufacturer makes 98mm  boots and perhaps you need 95.



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