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Funny ski area reviews.

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For some reason I found myself browsing reviews of Wolf Creek on Tripadvisor. Some gold:


[quote]The condition of the lifts and facilities is in dire need of updating (at one point during our week, ALL lifts were down for about an hour -- except the kiddie lift). This is unacceptable for 2010, and begs the question of whether the lifts are really safe! I go on ski vacations to unwind and relax -- this was a very frustrating week and we will not return -- heading back to Europe next year![/quote]


Yes, I am sure ALL of the lifts happened to break at the same time. They would NEVER close all lifts but the bunny hill lift for something like, just to throw something random out, AVALANCHE CONTROL. I am sorry closing the lifts made you feel unsafe...


[quote]The bad: the locals are very rude. In the surrounding towns and on the mountain. We were enjoying a beer one afternoon after a full day of skiing, and the table next to us was bad mouthing Texans.[/quote]


This next one= Gold. Perhaps it is really a troll. Why oh why don't they groom Alberta indeed. On another note, Highlands Bowl would be the greatest thing ever if it was cord all the time.


[quote]Durango far and away the better experience in the area. More variety, excellent grooming and much better lodge facilities. Much better town for nitelife also.

Wolf Creek entertaining with fresh snow; otherwise the lack of grooming is very irritating and limits the usefullness of the terrain available. Area becomes boring quickly due to limited intermediate terrain. Would hate to go there during the busy season as lifts are slow. Only place to take a break is at the bottom of the hill in the lodge.
Fair amount of hiking around required to use restroom, get back to lifts etc.
Area needs investment, and why oh why do they not groom something off the Alberta lift?[/quote]


No, nobody got their tires slashed. I like it when you can't even say it was your cousin's best friend's uncle, just "some."  I don't doubt the graffitti though.


There is hostility against the Texans. Grotesque graffitti about them is written all over the run-down bathrooms. Some reported their car tires slashed because they had TX license plates which required hours to get a tow truck (even the towers laughed about it). The place was virtually empty when we were there, so it's not clear whether the hostility also extends to other people of a different background or ethnicity. Regardless, the demographics are not favorable and it is possible something could happen to you if you are not a "local".[/quote]


Definitely a troll...


[quote]One of the closest ski resorts to Texas. It is extremely crowded with a multitude of novice skiers crowding the slopes. Lift lines are long and slow. Runs are short. Facilities (food, tables, restrooms) are extremely limited. Don't plan to sit down for a break unless you bring someone with you (who isn't skiing) so that they can scout out and hold a chair for you. A typical skier is a Texan in a camouflage hunting jacket and blue jeans. Generally speaking, Coloradans will not ski here (except for locals), because there are many, many better places to ski within the state. I have been to Wolf Creek many times over the past 20 years (because it is close to our vacation house). Each year this place gets more and more crowded but has not kept up with other modern ski resorts. My last trip was during the end of December. I went for a half day and only got in three runs before they closed for the day. I spent most of the time in the lift lines and not a second in the overcrowded lodge. I'll probably never go back unless they make some marked improvements. If you want fun, try Breckenridge or Keystone.[/quote]


Or gee, perhaps its not a bad idea to have a loose idea of where people are skiing in 800 acres of hike-to terrain in case they never show back up at the lift? I also like how this guy visited October 2011, which means he came for the 40"+ October 8 storm, got to ski epic early season conditions, yet still decided to bitch while waiting for Taos to open a few months from then...


[quote]They also open terrain when it shouldn't be...example: they opened the Alberta lift and there was a patroller at the top pointedly asking people where they were going. I inferred he was going to wave off more intrepid adventurers. I've been going to Wolf (for some reason) off-and-on for over 20 years and I guess i'm just tired of it.[/quote]


Yeah. If by "has it all" you mean "has half as much snow."


[quote]Durango Mountain Resort has it all - bigger mountain better lifts and a lot more lodging options in the town of Durango or stay up at the mountain.[/quote]

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A follow up on above comments.


Ski resorts do have a "personality", a varied distinction which makes visiting resorts all over the world interesting.


To avoid surprises do your homework and find out if what you want is offered by the center.


There are centers for "socialites" . There are centers for powder hounds. There are centers for "families. There are ski centers very much like DisneyWorld with water parks, slides, fun parks, etc,,,,, You have to decide what you want.


I have skied in ski resorts where women have their run and men have their run. Yes ,,,no mixing !


I have skied where transport to base chalet was mules/horses.


I have skied in ski resorts where "valets" take your skis from your car.


That is the joy of discovering ski resorts.


One hint. If every you find that skier "Shangri-La" do not post it on the net. I have been going to such a center for 10 years and,,,,,,



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First job out of college, the division VP gave this assessment: "If assholes were helicopters, Squaw would be an airport."  Personally, I don't see it that way, but it is funny.  He was more of a Northstar type.

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I've always wanted to be able to rate Trip Advisor posts.  You can give them a thumbs up, but not a thumbs down.

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