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one side worse

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My right leg seems to snow plow at times on turns when it is the downhill ski even when I otherwise have correct ski form.   I don't know if it makes a difference but I have slight tibial bowing so my knees and toes do not line up correctly --  the line would run to about .75 inch from the outer edge of my big toe. I am not sure what I have to do to correct it.  I don't have problems with the other foot/ski even though I have alignment issues on that side as well.

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I am moving this thread to the Ask the Boot Guys forum for best results. 

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Sounds like you have alignment issues on both sides!  Your tibial issues should be accommodated with the cuff canting and possibly a bit of padding to create equal pressure on each side of the leg. 


I would suggest finding a boot fitter who specializes in alignment issues to assess your frontal plane alignment.  Beginning with your foot and ankle he/she will build you a custom footbed to place your foot in proper alignment then adjust your cuff angles to accommodate your tibial curvature, then lastly check your canting issue needs under the boot.


If you let us know what region you live in we can possibly recommend someone!



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Do you know anyone in Whistler or the Vancouver area who is experienced in alignment/canting.  I have alignment issues as well as bad feet -- flat transverse arch, heel higher than toes, bunion, etc. and would likely need new boots since i have a wide forefoot and narrow heel which swims in my current boot -- I need to pad my lower ankles with moleskin every time I go out.

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