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twintip sizing for a girl

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This is a double post from SkiDiva, but I'm in need of a rather quick opinion so hopefully it's ok.


I found a crazy deal on a pair of 2009 Rossi Scratch Girls. The only thing is I'm 5'5, ~120 lbs, and the skis are 170cm. I usually ski a really stiff pair of all-mountain carvers (78 underfoot, advanced/aggressive but not fast skier) in a 152cm. These are twin tips, and soft-ish, around 90 underfoot, so I can go longer but I'm wondering if 170 would be too long.


Considering I'd need bindings, would I be better off getting something from a demo tent?


(I was planning to use them as an east coast knocking around ski.)



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 Your probably looking at a 165cm twin tip for your height anyway. 5cm or about 2" longer will probably not make much difference, if you can get a good deal I'd go for it.

 You say your "stiff" carving skis are 152 which sounds a little short although you are a lightweight skier, do you spend a lot of time in the trees? (I like shorter skis for that reason)

 Twin tips ski shorter as you know and manufacturers measure differently too. Some measure the length from tip to tail some measure the length of the ski that will be in contact with the snow.

 The only way you will know for sure is to demo. If you can't demo that exact ski then demo a twin tip in that length so you can at least get some idea whether the sheer length puts you off, it's not a very scientific approach as unless you ski the ones you want to buy there will be other differences anyway sorry x

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Thanks for the input. Yeah, I was told 165 cm, hopefully the 5cm won't make too much difference? The skis are literally $95 and with an MSRP of $650 it's a ridiculous deal.


The carver skis are 152 yes but they're super stiff - do you still think that's too short? I definitely don't feel a lack of stability at speed, so my shop guy basically said go with the shorter length so I have more maneuverability.


I don't plan to use these twintips for trees or anything, just to knock around on the east coast on groomers and such - wanted a cheap ski - tho they'll prolly be useful out west too.


It'll be really hard for me to demo though haha.

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 If your happy and confident on your "short" skis then they are fine.

  I'm signifigantly taller than you at 5'11" and ski 155cm in the trees, my skis are only marginally longer than the 9 yr old daughter of my OH! But they are no good to me at speed and chatter like crazy on hard snow, in the soft stuff and trees they are super easy to turn and give me lots of fun.

  I've now skied any pop they once had out of them and its going to be time for an upgrade when I can afford it, I had to rent a carving ski for one of our trips last year as there were only icy groomers to play on and my old planks were useless!

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haha, fair enough. thanks for the input again!


lastly - do you still think the 170s are too much though for the twintip? and for the east coast?

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 That is kind of down to you, if your likely to be using them more for skiing groomers than tricks then I do wonder why your looking at a twin tip that is not so piste oriented. They are quite a soft ski and have previously got very mixed reviews on here. They will be quite a change to your usual ride.

 If you can try them out that is really the best way. If they are cheap and you only get one season on them you can always bung them on ebay and recover some of the cost.

  I would have thought something like the volkl kenja would be more suited if you can find it at a good price? It would be stiffer like you are used too with better edge hold and a bit more versatile.

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It's mostly because they're so cheap - $95. I know they're not suited, but figured it would do the trick for a season or two. Hmm.
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 Just be warned that something that looks too good to be true usually is. The main downside to these skis I seem to remember is that they lose their "pop" pretty quick, if this is true, then that and the additional length and flex together might give you a hard time. Good luck though, I'm using tired planks till I can get new again.

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Good to know, thanks. I'm not a super heavy skier, so they'll probably do for a season if that. For 160-odd including bindings, probably can't do any better and it'll save me having to keep renting crummy skis.

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