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Skis for Sale

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Left to right


Volke Attiva AC1 149cm- $125.00 shipped 


Line Prophet 100 2010 179cm- $225.00 shipped with new Marker Griffon Bindings, bindings never used  mounted at 295, still have the box they came in.  Skis $125.00 shipped without the bindings. Drilled and plugged one time for 295 Rossi Axium

Marker Bindings taken off and shipped in the box alone -$175.00 Shipped.


Blizzard Bonafide  180cm with Marker Griffon Demo Bindings- $425.00 shipped.


All the bases are in excellent condition, they have all been waxed for shipping. 

My 13 y/o daughter skied the Volke's for a season and loved them, but now wants to go to a little wider and longer.

The Line Prophets were skied on for two trips, i put the new Marker Griffon Bindings on at the end of last season, but never did use them.

The Bonafides. Just not the ski for me. I picked these up in Whistler from a guest staying at our hotel as he was leaving, i asked him how he liked them. He said that he purchased them from all the reviews he had read. I offered him $550.00 cash and he handed me the skis. All in all it's a great ski just not for me. 


They all have the usual small chipping around the tips, minor scratches, but other wise the skis are all in excellent condition. 

I use Pay Pal and the skis will shipped  the next day after payment is received.













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Bump. Shipping is US only at the prices listed. Thought i had that in there.

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Bonafides still for sale

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I will take them
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Dibs. PM incoming.


(and yes, I know you don't want to ship to Canada. biggrin.gif)

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Great deal on those Bones w/ bindings.

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Line Prophets still for sale?

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Bonafides Sold

Volkes AC1 Sold

Prophets Pending

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Originally Posted by hedgegraphics View Post

Line Prophets still for sale?

Best ski of the bunch !

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All Skis Sold 

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