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Instructor Recommendation Beaver Creek 12/15-12/21

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I have a similar thread in this forum, but someone suggested I start a new thread.  Please excuse me for mucking things up a bit.


My wife and I are getting ready for a trip to Beaver Creek/Vail Dec 15-21, and we are looking to take a half day private lesson at Beaver Creek.



A little of our skiing background:


Our first ski trip was a week long trip to Park City in 2010.  We took our never ever lessons there and had a great instructor who was able to get us off to a great start.  We took another week long trip that same season to Breckenridge (but no lesson).  Last year we weren't able to get a trip in. So we are still pretty new to skiing.  I've progressed faster than my wife, she still turns in a wedge while I'm able to stay parallel on greens/easy blues.  This is due more to my wife's cautious nature than athletic ability.  I do believe she is more physically talented on skis than I am.  She is afraid of falling and getting hurt, so she stays within her comfort zone.  I don't try to push her, but it's getting to the point where we can't really ski together because I'm wanting to do more blues while she is not ready.  So the goal of the lesson is to get her comfortable skiing parallel, tackle some of her fear, and hopefully venture on to some of the blue runs with me; while I would get an official lesson on the fundamentals.  


Any recommendations??

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If you don't get any responses in the next few days, you might try posting in the Ski Instruction section.  Many instructors watch that section but not Beginners.


As I remember, your wife had some interest in finding a female instructor if possible.  Is that correct?  Katy Perrey is a Level 3 instructor at Copper Keystone who's been teaching for a long time.  My understanding that instructors at any VRI resort can teach at another VRI resort.


Check out these related threads.  The second is from last year.





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Thanks for the recommendation! I work for Keystone (not Copper) which is part of the Vail Resorts Family and we can teach lessons at any of our resorts. If we travel away from our home mountain we can only do "all day" private lessons.  PM me if you would like some names of instructors at BC.


Katy Perrey  AKA Tsavo 

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Thanks for the help guys!!


PM inbound Katy

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You're welcome!


Definitely good for both of you to start with a private lesson with an instructor for whom you have a recommendation.  Well worth the investment to avoid developing bad habits that would hold you back later on.  I did a private lesson on my first day on my trip out west last season.  I'm an advanced skier but living in the southeast there aren't any big mountains.  I have no doubt that my ski vacation at Big Sky was more fun after the private lesson at Bridger with a PSIA Level 3 instructor.


It occurs to me that since you are going early season, if your wife wants to spend a bit more time with an instructor, she could consider a group lesson or two later on.  Midweek that could easily turn into a semi-private.  The Alpine Max 3 at BC in an interesting concept for making sure the group is small.

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