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Review: Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Pedals- Platforms for AM riding

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A quick review

Mallet 3










435g per pair



two piece aluminum + composite



investment cast steel



300 series stainless steel



forged scm435 chromoly steel


inner bearing



outer bearing



traction pins

8mm adjustable


release angle

15° to 20°



premium brass cleats included



black / red



5 years



After  I spent the summer on platform pedals. (i rode on a pair of $10.00 all metal shin-eating platforms). I really liked the added stability, control and feel of these. Once I was cleared to go clipless, I picked up a pair of the new Mallet3's. I have about 50 or so miles on them, mostly east coast singe track, rocky rooty, leaf covered trails. Lately doing a lot more stump jumping....  


I had a pair of Atac's and while I liked these, the Mallet3's provide so much versatility.They are well-built and have a solid but light feel. I like the red color. Its pretty much a Candy surrounded by a platform.  Although I gained about 100grams, I am not conceded for my level of riding. What I did gain was substantially increased pedal contact; this provides better balance, better energy transmission and the ability to unclip one or both feet in technical terrain and still maintain pedal control due to the surface area; for me that's a confidence builder.  I just feel more connected to the bike and its more comfortable with no "hot spots" 


I set these up with the 15* easiest release configuration. They provided more than enough travel retention for my 170#'s even with climbing. What I did notice was a better more versatile range of motion than the Atac's. Getting in is super easy, a noticeable improvement. Releasing is also very easy although they do require a more flat, sideways movement than the Atacs. I actually prefer this now that I got used to it. 


the pedals come with  adjustable cleats on each side of the pedal. You can adjust the height. These provide enough grip when not clipped in. They have not fallen out and I have not experienced any noticeable movement in them.  I don't ride on really muddy trails but I have ridden on much wetter conditions lately with muddy sections and can say the pedals have stayed clear of buildup. I have not noticed any real added clearance issues either. I have bashed them a few times in rock gardens without nothing more than a scratch. 


So far, I am very impressed with them. The ease of release and ability to clip in so easily coupled with what I feel is a better retention range of motion equates to a far better pedal for all mountain riding; not just DH or FR.  Weight's not everything and I will take the improved performance and versatility any day. 

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I rode for one season on Crank Brothers pedals. I simply don't think they compare to Time pedals, but that's just my opinion.

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so you rode a new pedal that was completely redesigned last season when? 

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After you've spent some time with the Crank Brothers, I suspect you will come to agree with nhmtns.

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cranks bros are the worst pedal on the market.....


the cages deform/break on the easiest rock hits. Leaving you with out the ability to clip in....


also they do not release when needed like Time or Shimano.


crank bros the industrial design kings of mountain biking.

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ride the new ones and then let me know.  totally new construction and i love the release on them as well how easy it is to clip back in.  I have well over a 100 miles on them now; no issues



some reviews of the new pedals from reputable resources:  the candy 3's are the same build. 





here's a review from a guy who didn't like the old ones but loved the new design and build. 




Bike rumor




Blister Gear


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