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Torn between a few powder skis.

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Hello, I am 5'11 190lbs expert level skiier looking at a few powder skis. I am torn between the K2 ObSETHed 2011-2012, the K2 Hellbent and the 2012 Volkl Kuro. I own a pair of frontside rippers already, so on piste performance is not a priority but would be nice. I realize the Hellbent and Kuro will obviously be the better powder skis due to the shear size, but how playful are these skis compared to the ObSETHed or similar size "smaller" powder skis? I would like decent performance in the bumps as well. Thanks in advance! 

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Hmmm. looking for a powderski that is good in the bumps? well I guess thats better than looking for a bump ski that is better in the powder. The oBSethed will be a better option for a bit more versatility withs it's slimmer (??) 117mm waist. There is a cost, besides money, looking at leftover skis, choices. You are limiting yourself to what is still left. I would see if you could track down some Patron's or Unleashed Hell's from last year, they would be a better option. 

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I guess to rephrase I'm not looking for a powder skis that's nessasarily good in bumps, but just not bad. Alright. What makes you recommend those two skis over the ObSETHed?
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I have the Kuros in 195 length and really like them in the powder and soft packed snow.  They are ok in the bumps due to the front to tip rocker but they are so wide at 132 under foot (5 1/2 inches) to 6 1/2 inches at the shovel, that I can't say how you would like them in bumps, it sounds like that is important so I would stay away from them.  They are best thought of as a dedicated powder ski that also is fun on the soft groomers for fast runs and straight lining - never had a ski that made me want to do that as much and when you want to scrub speed just turn them side ways and sideslip since they are really wide.


It may not work for you but I have taken two pairs of skis with me on those days where you really want to switch back and forth between powder and bumps.


I usually like the specialized skis for each type of skiing for the best feel and performance.


You might also consider the Volkl Shiro since they seem to be getting more popular and aren't quite as wide as the Kuro.  They are in their second season so you might be able to find some deals on last year's model.

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Balance. Hold an ObSETHed base to base and see tremendous about of tip rise and how soft it is? Now look at the Patron, less rise and a much more balanced flex. The Kuros and Hell's will not be fun in anything less than 18"+ of snow. 

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I've used my kuros on cat and heli trips and deep days @ tahoe for 3 years. They are effortless to ski and turn in deep snow, supper wide and full rocker. They ski better than you would think on firm snow. Bumps are a bit more challenging if there is no powder on them.
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And you only need a few inches of powder to make the kuros fun, but the more the better.
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Thanks for all the input! I've read a few places that the Kuros are surprising on groomed. As long as they are not horrendous in the bumps, I should be fine. I own a older pair of ac50s and they handle fairly well in the bumps if I want to specifically tackle those. You said the Kuros are pretty effortless, would you also describe them as playful? I've read that between the Kuros and hellbents, the hells are more playful while the Kuros are not as much
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A good friend/ski bud of mine who is awesome in the bumps, wanted the same thing. He went with ON3P Billygoats http://www.on3pskis.com/products/skis/billy-goat/ after a lot of research. He loves them.

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First, the claim that skis like Kuros or Hell bents need 18 inches is silly. Likewise a foot. Kuros make even a few inches better. The others do not even demand that. Hellbents are arguably a rather different form of all-around ski. Obsethed's are all-mountain skis. Powder friendly - but nowhere near a powder specialty ski....


The thing about the original request that puzzles me is that these are radically different skis. Just because they are fatter and rockered in one fashion or another does not put them in the same space. Do you aspire to ski siwtch in soft snow? The HB is the only one of the three that  you'd want. Especially if you want "playful" (which can have any number of definitions...). A unidirectional skier? Skip the Hell Bent in favor of something more your style - the Kuro is very unidirectional and the Obsethed is a stealth mostly-unidirectional ski. Despite its look as a "twin".  Like a stiff drive-able ski? Out of that list, the Kuro is your only contender.  That said the flex of the tip/tail of the Obsethed masks a decent stiffness underfoot.


You might want to think about your goals and focus in on a set of finalists that all are in the same  zone. Or at least be clearer about your intended use & maybe where that is likely to be.

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Alright. To refocus my goals, I am looking for a powder orientated ski. Mainly for use on powder days and the days after. Having control on piste would be a bonus. I intend to use them in the Canadian Rockies, whistler and sun peaks/silver star/big white. From what I'm reading, that sounds like the Kuro.
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I am confused about needing a powder ski that is good in bumps. When it is a "powder day" there are no bumps. The bump lines don't usually get dug out until a few days later. 

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

I am confused about needing a powder ski that is good in bumps. When it is a "powder day" there are no bumps. The bump lines don't usually get dug out until a few days later. 


Not in CO. You don't need bump skis or anything, but powder bumps are awesome fun. whoop de do

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Hey there. IMO, you would be better off with skis like the patron, unleashed hell, super 7 , or maybe even the solly rocker 2 (122). The are decently fat, firm and great in the powder, but also more functional for those "days afters" like you want. I've actually taken the kuros and similar skis through those soft (and firm) bumps, but it is not ideal. Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy em!!!
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I'm another one who found the Kuro to be much better inbounds than expected. I went to rent some fatties after a storm (Niseko) and at that point in time the widest ski I had been on was my Mantras. I went in expecting to come out of the shop with a pair of Hellbents as these are very popular in Japan. After speaking to the shop guy, he recommended the 195 Kuros. My initial reaction was these things are ridiculous but grabbed them anyway. Ridiculous alright. ridiculously awesome. Hard work in the tighter trees but apart from that situation, awesome everywhere else on the mountain. Would gladly have a pair as all purpose skis for Northern Japan and snowier parts of North America.
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