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Which ski to choose

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I want to buy new skis, I'm a good skier on the track
and want to learn to ski on powder and please van someone tell me which ski to choose
-the (Rossignol Experience 98 open)
- or the ( Atomic Nomad smoke LT)smile.gifsmile.gif
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 Hi and welcome,

 Tell us a little about yourself, buying skis is a big investment to get wrong.

  Where do you ski? If you were booking a lesson what level would you say you are? Height/weight?

  Have you got your own boots yet? If you are renting still I would strongly suggest you think about boots first. There are some wikis in the bootfitter forum worth a look if you need boots.

 Once you give us a little more to go on I'm sure you'll get good advice about skis too.

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Welcome to Epic. The skis you mention are a) fairly different in size and mission, and b) both or neither might be a great ride, depending on all this ^^^^.

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