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Choosing between a few used skis

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I'm looking to purchase some used skis (owning for the first time). Currently i have a few options and i'm unsure which set would be better so hoping for some help! I purchased brand new boots already so just looking for skis,


For some background info:

I'm female, probably considered an intermediate skier, would go a couple of times a year (possibly more once i own my own equipment).  Looking for an all-mountain/purpose ski that would hopefully help be improve my skills and also last me for a number of years. 


I'm considering between Dynastar exclusive fluid, Rossignol Attraxion, Head Cool One and Head Fine One right now.


Is there a clear winner/loser among these?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice!

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Hello and welcome.

 You'll get more useful advice if you include your height/weight and main ski areas you plan to visit.

 Good on you getting boots first, if you could afford one or the other then boots are most important.

 Out of the skis you mention the only one I have skied was the Head Cool one, I was low intermediate level and we had loads of fresh  (previously I'd mainly skied ice/slush) snow to play on in Sweden, I loved that ski and felt very confident in my abilities on it, I made a lot of progress during the week of lessons I had using it. Can't be sure whether that was all down to the ski as I thought the instructor did a fine job!

 The Rossi's you mention seem to get a lot of good reviews too.

 If I were you if there is a choice between buying skis and having lessons then at this stage with limited ski trips I honestly would pay for lessons and rent skis a little longer as in the early stages of learning you tend to progress very quickly and skis are sure not priced (even quality used) to be disposable after just 4 weeks of use. Plus with rentals you can rent what you need for the current conditions or area if you don't have a home mountain.

 Have fun.

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Thanks a lot for the tips and info lilywhite!


I'm 5'4, about 130 lb (59 kg). I think i'll mostly be on piste terrain.


I didn't have any plans to actually take lessons and the investment into an affordable pair of skis seemed to make sense for me since rentals would easily add up since my friends like to go on annual ski trips.

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enrique:  Welcome to EpicSki!  Have you come across TheSkiDiva.com?  There were women willing to give advice to intermediate skiers over there.


Where do you and your friends usually ski?  What's your favorite?

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Hi marznc,


Thanks for the tip on that site - a lot of great info on there which i found very useful!


We'll be going to Mt Tremblant in Quebec again this season, but we might try out some other places as well in the future. I'm from Ontario so besides those potential trips, that's where i would be skiing mostly (we didn't get much snow last season).



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Several of the Divas like Dynastar and Rossi, including a couple who ski Tremblant regularly.


My all mountain ski is the Rossi Attraxion 8.  Which one were you considering?  I've also tried the Dynastar Legend Eden out west and liked it.  I was a returning intermediate when my daughter started out 8 years ago.  Have gotten enough days on snow to become an advanced skier in recent years.


What have you done in terms of boots?


There are some tips here about buying skis:



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