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Airport to Grand Targhee?

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We are looking to go to Grand Targhee from December 20 - 25/26 this year, Lodging and air are all good but we are trying to find a shuttle that doesn`t cost a 300$ round trip for both of us (All-Trans). We would prefer to not rent a car as well as it`s about the same cost and we don`t want to worry about the car and driving in nasty conditions. Anyone have any experience getting there and have an alternative.


Thanks, skiwhitblu

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Which airport? Where are you staying? A car might be the best chocie, although $300 sounds awful high.

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We will fly in and out of Jackson Hole Airport and stay right at one of the lodges at Grand Targhee Slopeside. It`s 300$ for a bus shuttle and then 350$ for a limo suburban service. Rental cars are all coming up at 300$ as well and we only need to get from point A to B, getting frustrating...

The rental car prices are high because of christmas I think.

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Try Priceline.
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We actual found out that if we leave on wednesday we can rent for 22$ a day for an SUV compared to leaving on Thurseday for 50$ a day for an economy car. We are all good now, I don`t get their business philosophy though... We also get an extra day on the slopes!! smile.gif

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