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Sell or Keep

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Pretty sure the answer is sell but want to make sure.

I was recently fitted for a boot that is 11mm shorter than my previous boots. I was going to keep the old ones for long days working race courses and the like, but I would always have to keep changing bindings, forward pressure and DIN; not worth it. So the boots are going to be sold. I have two Intuition liners for them, Gold ID and FX. The FX were heat molded to the Krypton's that are 25.5. My new boots are Salomon X Max 120 in 24.5.

Can the FX liner be re molded to fit in the Salomons?

Nothing is wrong with the heat molded liner that came with the X Max. I was thinking of keeping them as a back up or to switch out if its crazy cold or my feet sweat too much, but I'm also thinking I might be trying to get 2 pounds into a 1 pound bag.

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might work, but best to buy the right thing...


might be worth trying, but will be hard to get that heel of the 25 liner, in the size 24 shell.

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