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Biking in the rain

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Right. I bought a bike. I planned my holiday - two weeks touring the western isels of Scotland. Brilliant. Veyr excited. Never done bike touring before.

Checked the weather and it is due to rain pretty much every day of the trip. hmm ... perhaps a fortnight in Magaluf might have been the better option ...

Any tips for staying alive on a bike in heavy rain?

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I did plenty of cycling in the rain back in my racing days.

1. Get some toe clips or clipless pedals and get comfortable using them. Old rat trap pedals are too slippery when wet.
2. Avoid deep puddles, wet rims don't brake so well.
3. Road spray is worse than the rain, contains foreign matter. Don't follow too closely and avoid looking down at your front wheel.
4. Always wear sunglasses, change lens color dependent on light levels.
5. Drink plenty of liquids.
6. Take several pair of cycling gloves so you always have a dry pair.
7. Take plenty of socks, wet socks suck.
8. Plastic soled cycling shoes can be very dangerous on wet pavement.
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Johny Boy,
"There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes"
I would advise that you use good jacket, trousers and over-shoe waterproofs.

These links might help ....

I have never found a breathable jacket that doesn't let water through eventually (inc Goretex XCR) so a 100% water-proof PVC jacket as back up with a spare set of dry clothes is a must.

Put all spare clothes in plastic bags even if they are going in waterproof rucksacks/bags, water finds it's way in everywhere when on a bike.

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