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Head Intregrale 009 or 007 - no info anywhere?

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Hi guys, 


One of my friends demoed the Head Integrale 009 at the very end of last ski season. He's strongly recommending I get them for my level 3 course. However, the only info I can find online is from UK and Russian sites... 


Has anyone else tried them? Are they not being distributed in North America or something?

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bump - nobody's tried them? The only "review" I find when I search the web is the blurb from Head and a link to this post...

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Metaphor, There is a test on the Head Integrale 009 in the current issue of SKI CANADA. Unfortunately the current issue is not up yet on there website, but last months is, though that is of little help to you. The magazine use a scale of one to ten for ability, snowconditions,skier weight and skier style.  1 is geared for intermediate,soft snow,lighter skier, finesse style. 10 is for expert, hard snow, power skier, heavy weight skier. 


So this is how the ski ranked. Ability 5.4  Snow Conditions 5.3 Skier Weight 5.6 and Skier style 4.9.


So what I gather from the numbers is the ski is geared for the advanced skier but not expert, and that it's good in both soft and hard snow, the ski is geared more to wards and avg weight skier.


The skier who tested it is Ron Betts and he is 5'10 and 165lbs He is a fast, aggresive skier  and his qualifications are CSIA LEVEL 4, CSCF LEVEL 3, CSGA LEVEL 3. He had this to say about it. " This is a  really nice ski for cruising. Apply just a bit of edge and the ski responds with a fun , prdictable arc. A bit of speed isn't a problem, and the ski easily switched turn shapes".  In it's class it was best in turn initiation and edge grip.


The Ski was tested at Fernie. Since your from BC just head into any Chapters and grab a cup of Joe and read the test.


Hope this helps with your decision.

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I have nothing useful to add but as a big fan of James Bond, I like the idea of owning 007s

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Great--thanks for the details! I bought a pair of 009s today and will write a review on the site later. Seems like it's an obscure ski.

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Looking  forward to your review. Seems like Head has a few obscure skis. I bought a pair of Head x shape stx this year and there is not any reviews on this ski, except for one on youtube by some British ski magazine, they seemed really enthusiastic about the ski.


Hope you enjoy your new skis.


Have a great season.

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I've posted a review here. I quite like these skis! Definitely good for carving.


As a point of reference, I skied the stx last year during my level 3 course and found them to be a good, easy turning ski for moderate speeds - the 009 is a step up for higher speeds on steeper pitches when you need better edge grip. You'll definitely enjoy the STX at Ontario's typically more relaxed skiing speed. The Magnum's similar to the 009, but it's a bit more damp. And the Titan is stiffer than all. 

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Metaphor, Just read your review on the Head Integrale 009. Nice review. Sounds like a fun ski.


Enjoy the season.

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