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Volkl Katana vs Rossi Super 7

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Hey guys, first post here. I'm hoping to get some help with a new powder ski purchase.


Does anyone have experience with the Volkl Katana and Rossignol Super 7? A local shop has both of these skis on sale right now (last year's model) and as far as I can tell, there's no difference between these and the 2013 models. I'm not looking for this ski to be a one ski quiver, but I want to rip well on resort powder days for the sierra cement in Tahoe.


I'm 5'8", 195 lbs and an advanced skier, but looking to make the full time move to Tahoe this winter and get 100+ days in and call myself an expert skier. My favorite places to ski are steeps, trees, and the backcountry.


I want to be able to ride and land switch, which the Super 7s look great for, but I'm not sure how well the Katanas would do there. Any Katana owners with feedback here would be greatly appreciated.


I'm currently on Rossignol S3s (98 underfoot) and I want something wider and stiffer for the deep powder days that are coming this season (fingers crossed!!!)

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I have both skis and use the Katanas as my daily ski and the Super 7 for storm days.  I love both skis and while I don't ski switch I don't think either of these are what you are looking for.  The 7 is a directional ski that is stupid fun in the pow (and many days after) but it has quite a bit of taper/pintail and it seems to me going backwards on that one might be a challenge.  The Katana is a great Squaw ski and is probably one of the most popular skis on KT or Headwall.  It is super versatile but most of the guys you see on that ski are probably not going switch either. 

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Thanks for the reply! I won't actually be doing too much prolonged switch riding; I just wanted to make sure that I'll be ok landing switch if I decide to get ambitious on a big pow day. I'll definitely be focused on charging full speed ahead forward 97% of the time. Do you still think I should be looking at a different ski?

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The S7/Super 7 are great powder skis. The Katana is a great big mountain ski. The difference in the two categories is fairly significant. If you don't know what the difference is......you are best suited by the Rossis.



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