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Differences between Lange RX 100 LV and XT 100 LV?

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New guy here, first post. 


I have been skiing Lange boots since the 60's (mostly due to narrow B-width feet) and am ready to purchase some new boots.  Based on trial fits at several places over the last couple weeks, I am focusing on Lange RX 100 LV and Lange XT 100 LV, both in 26.5.  That size and volume fits me very well and am comfortable with that flex so I'm happy with these two.  But, I haven't been to a place that carries both so I've never had a real good, side-by-side comparison.  What are the differences between the two other than the lace-up liner and cuff release on the XT over the RX, if any? 


FWIW, I am 62, been skiing for 53 years, live in Durango and ski around SW Colorado.  5'10", 182lb. and spend more time on groomed runs (no bumps) these days but will follow powder where it leads me.  I guess I'm a solid advanced-intermediate in abilities and inclination these days.  I'm back from 25 years telemarking, and am upgrading my older alpine gear (with some new 178 Nordica Steadfast skis and new boots) so I would appreciate any insights in differentiating between the two Lange models before moving forward. 

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Welcome Fatchance!


I believe you pretty much listed the differences here!  The XT focuses more on the newest catagory in the boot world called "Sidecountry" but is pretty much the RX with a few more bells and whistles.

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Perhaps I can elaborate a bit..............


The RX (LV) and XT (LV) shapes as far as the shell goes are the same. However.......putting the hike mode (XT) aside for a moment, there is a difference. In achieving a lighter boot, Lange has made the liner of the XT a little thinner and less firm. This is an advantage for the ski/at crowd but not necessarily so for the Jane Average skier.


The overall and especially the long term firmness of fit of the std RX LV is compromised a little in the XT. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is the main difference in the boots. The fit of the std RX-LV will be firmer over a longer period of time. The XT offers the flexibility of the semi-AT option in a boot that is still remarkable in its skiing attributes but with a slightly less grippy fit.



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Thank you for the responses.


I will say that I'm not minimizing the advantage to me of having the XT cuff release.  Even if I didn't use it to climb up to a steep and deep cliff face anymore, it would still be nice for just walking around from the parking lot to the lift!


The boot longevity issue is something that hits central to some of my thoughts.  At a young 62 I sometimes wonder if these boots will last for as long as I will probably be skiing and if the life of the boot will be an issue.  I think at this time I'll just not worry about these boots wearing out and using that as a factor in my decision.  By that time my boot requirements will probably be different and I'll just start shopping again...

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