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Help - Dynastar Legend / Rossi Avenger / Fischer Watea

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Hi All


Might I ask for your help.


I have come back into skiing, now that my 8 and 6 yr olds are taking lessons.  I re-started last season, after a 12 yr hiatus.  Even then, I skied aggressively, but without lessons - I'm certain I was not skiing correctly.  Older and wiser, I took lessons last year so that I would try my best not be a menace to others.


I rented last year, but I do have my own boots (Dalbello Triax TX900).  They're over 10 yrs old and have only been used 3-5 times over that time period.  They fit and seem to be in great shape.  Too old?


After checking a couple of local shops, I have found renting a full package over two years is equal to, or more, than if I buy just skis with bindings from 2012.  Plus, the selection is severely limited (one place said they only have the one type of ski for rental).  I figure I can still use my boots and get only skis/bindings. 


Is my thought process wrong?  Should I be looking at boots too or should I even be looking at all?


I stand 6' and 210 lbs.  I ski in the Midwest (Wisconsin).  I will spend 98% of the time local and may go to upper Michigan.  Will not go out West until I feel comfortable that I can ski without making the natives restless.


I have determined that my starting point, for length, is 175.  I will generously put myself in the intermediate range.  Based on my ability, they type of skiing and the locale of my skiing, I think a tip rocker/camber or a rocker/camber/rocker will serve me best.


I'm not going to go screaming down the hill until I'm confident I can properly control my skis (even then, I will not be tucking any poles), but I'm not going to lollygag down the hill, from one end to the other.  I will be somewhere in between and become more agressive as time passes.


I have been considering the following:


Rossignol Avenger 82 Basalt (can only get it in the 170 length for a great price - is that length too short?)  The Avenger 76 Basalt is also available in a 177.


Fischer Watea 98 (on the high side - exactly 2 yrs of complete ski package rental)


Dynastar Legend 85 Fluid


I think all are good skis.  Are the mid-widths too wide?  Should I be considering something in the 75-80mm width?  I guess I feel that at 6ft and 210, a 175cm ski in a wide mid-width (and wider tip) will provide more stability.


I appreciate any help.  Thank you.



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 Hi Brad, welcome.

 I'm not familiar with the area you ski so I won't comment on the skis. There are plenty of others who will chime in I'm sure.

 If your boots fit well and are in good condition they should be fine.

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I have watea 98 and think that they are fantastic. I am 6-1 and 175 on 178's. More on these skis later.


My 4 kids are grown, but I spent lots of time coaching turns and technique on the sides of trails where the loose stuff lasts longer in to the day and away from traffic. You want skis that are easy to turn at slower speeds. I learned this the hard way after years of uning stiffer performance skis trying to go slow. Very soon they will be hard to keep up with, but until then, you will appreciate the easy turners.


I got the Wateas last year bolted to AT Fritschis for some back country work. My ski days last year did not translate into this as we had limited snow here in the Northeast. I was quite please at how these flexy skis held on moguls made out of porcelin. I had some of my greatest performance days at Sugarbush and Mad River Glen last year and I credit the equipment. Previously the stiff volkl 724's would wear me out over the course of the day. These Wateas were flexy for easier turns and still held firm on challenging 'firm' (ice) conditions.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  I also got re-started on skis because I had a kid to take to the local slopes.  Using old boots that still fit works fine.  Although I got some odd looks at Demos Days in 2004-07 with 15yo rear-entry boots.  I bought some used rental skis to get started.  Got them relatively short to make it easier to ski around on a little hill in Virginia with a 4-5 year old.  Gave me time to learn more about shaped skis and figure out what made sense as we started skiing more places and more days.  Ultimately I bought skis in late season that I knew I liked after demo'ing on a trip out west.


You might pick up some ideas from this recent thread.  Another 6-foot father who expects to spend time on a small hill have fun with his kid.




Take a look at the tags (right side of Post #1) for links to EpicSki info about the skis you mentioned.  Scroll down and you may find relevant threads to explore.


Have fun!

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I can't thank everyone enough for the advice and information.  By the way, sorry for not properly introducing myself.  Indeed I am a newbie to the forum and new enough to skiing.  I value, so much, the info from this forum.  I believe I have found and received better info than at the couple ski shops in the area.  To their credit, I'm certain they get overwhelmed by people like me asking every valid and foolish question they can think of.  Thank you again.

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I to am a Wisco skier.  I was in the same boat you are a couple years back as I skied quite bit till early twenty's then took a hiatus till my kids got into it.  I went with the Dynastar Sultan 85.  I have been pretty happy with them both here at Cascade and out west which we do once a year.  Now am looking to try a Rockered type ski in the 100mm range.  Just having a hard time justifying the cost for one trip a year.



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