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Women's Ski for Cautious Intermediate Skiier?

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I'm looking to get my wife a new pair of skis for Christmas, or suggest some new skis to demo when we go out to SLC area this year. I have no clue about women's skis or something for her ski type/ability.


She is a cautious intermediate who strongly prefers groomed greens and blues but has skiied groomed steeps before. Her technique is cautious, and she makes very frequent skidding turns in order to control speed. She hates powder and variable conditions and complains about negative impact on her control. She is currently on a pair of old Rossignol Sapphir 3 skis that we got on deep discount when she wanted to start skiing.  As she's progressed in ability, she is complaining about chattering and lack of stability at speed on her skiis, which I believe is making her afraid of going fast, making smoother turns, and learning to carve (which would be the next progression in her skills). She is 5'9'' and around 190 lbs. Each season, we generally ski 3-6 days in places that get good snow, with another 1-3 days on potentially icy East Coast mountains.


Any advice from those in the know about specific models or brands in general? I think something with good torsional stability would be ideal to help her be more confident at speed. A responsive ski that will give her good control is a must (she already has a pair of good boots to pair with them). I'm hoping that this can be a ski she can grow into as she becomes a more confident high intermediate who can also handle more variable conditions. I still anticipate that she will be doing most of her skiing on groomers, however.


I'm worried that her current pair are holding her back - any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!



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 Hi and welcome.

 You might try the K2 tru luv or supersmooth, Head cool ones and volkl lunas, all are intermediate skis, and should be just fine on groomed and soft snow, the volkl lunas are the stiffer option.

 The rocker should help her out in softer conditions and width should not give her any problems turning which might improve her confidence in variable conditions.

I remember renting the head cool one skis and having a blast and It was the k2 tru luvs that I did a lot of my learning on, they really helped me build confidence, I still have them to use on the UK dry slopes to save my "good" skis.

 I'm sure a few others will spot this and add a few more ideas.

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IMO, the best way to deal with crud or variable is to take a lesson. Or three. Assuming that's not in the cards, I'd think about a ski that's good at damping down the deviations when you hit irregularities, giving a secure ride. Rossignol comes to mind here, something like the Temptation 82 Open would give her a forgiving, smooth ride in crud, excellent grip for when she skids, easy to turn, good upside if she wants to improve. You might PM Trekchick also; she's our women's ski maven. 

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Welcome to EpicSki!  How many days has your wife had on skis so far?  Who taught her the basics?  The best approach is to demo.  Especially if it's possible to do a personal demo day getting skis on mountain.  Using different skis on the same runs makes it easier to compare.  Also good to check out different lengths.


Rossi and Volkl have skis that women like.  But it seems that few women like both.  Dynastar and Blizzard also have women's skis that are favorites.


You might get some ideas here:


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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.


My wife has spent approximately 30 days skiing in total over the course of 7 seasons. She learned the basis on her own on small ski hills in Ohio, but has taken several group lessons. She plans to take an individual lesson this year. Her technique is good enough to handle steeps and some variable conditions (not moguls, deep powder, or off-piste yet), but, as I said, she is very cautious based on a fear of going too fast or running into someone. I'm concerned that her current pair of skiis is feeding into this fear by being too difficult to control at speed based on her ability level.


Demoing is certainly a good option, and the more I'm reading (and thinking about what she may need) that may be the route I go. So at this point, it would be good to have an idea of what she should try when we go out west in February. I have definitely been looking and the Temptation 82s as a good option, given the reviews about stability and easy turn initiation.

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I am in a similar situation except our ratio of East Coast to West Coast is flipped. My gf skis more on the east coast. I am going with the Volkl Kenja this year up from a pair of low level Volkl Unilimiteds. I have never demoed them but I did talk to a handful of girls that had them last year and they all seemed to like them. I have other Volkls with somewhat similar construction and I believe they will handle chopped up snow rather well. 


I would demo but keep these on the short list. Volkl makes wider waisted options but, at least for me, I don't trust her ability to get comfortable with carving on them as I generally don't recommend wider waisted skis until the fundamentals are solid. Not an expert first hand review but any girl's input on their skis usually helps. 

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The demo ski shop where I work has a program that offers two days of rental can be applied to the purchase price of any ski and since the shop is on mountain the customer can switch skis all day long. My suggestion is to seek out a similar program at a Utah ski shop.

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I too, was thinking that a lesson might really help improve her confidence.

I LOVE my K2 Superfrees. They're listed as an advanced ski, but are definitely forgiving enough for an intermediate, they have a 76 waist and "all terrain rocker" that makes them easy to turn and good in a variety of conditions. I have found mine super confidence inspiring. I also second the suggestion of the Temptation 82, I demoed this also before buying the Superfrees and found them to be forgiving and easy to turn. I demoed both as a mid-high intermediate; I also have a turney, cautious style when skiing.

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braumesiter: Check out the tags (right side next to Post #1) and you can link to EpicSki info about some of the skis mentioned.  Scroll down to find related threads where you might get other ideas.


Where are you thinking of going in Feb?

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I was looking for the exact same thing you are, and here is a few suggestions that I was looking at


Rossignol Temptation 78 / 82

Fischer Koa 78

Blizzard Viva 8.1

Atomic Affinity Pure


Last season skis can be found for a good price, I ended up getting a Dynastar Legend Idyll which are 79mm underfoot on her size 152cm. Look bindings included. She didn't have a chance to ski yet, but as your wife I was looking for a grommed/piste ski gor green/blue/black terrain, she is also okay with ungrommed terrain if in good conditions. I got the Dynastar per suggestion I got from Philpug, FWIW we ski in Idaho.

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Thanks! Didn't even notice those links.


We are going out to the Salt Lake City. She will probably ski Alta, Deer Valley (her two favorites out there) as well as one of the other resorts.

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You didn't miss the Tags.  They were added by knowledgeable members based on the discussion.  One of the features that makes EpicSki a very helpful forum.


Alta is my favorite in the SLC area.  My daughter's been learning to love powder there since I started spoiling her with an annual late season ski week.  We meet up with friends at Alta Lodge.


Of the other places in the SLC area, I think intermediates should check out Brighton and/or Snowbasin.  Plenty at both places to keep an advanced/expert happy too.  Both have very good ski schools from what I understand.  When there is good visibility, the long groomers at Snowbasin are loads of fun.  Then can enjoy the view on the gondola ride back up.  I prefer Brighton's high speed lifts over the lifts at Solitude.  Also the Solitude blues are pretty steep.


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Thanks! Didn't even notice those links.


We are going out to the Salt Lake City. She will probably ski Alta, Deer Valley (her two favorites out there) as well as one of the other resorts.

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