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"Snowmageddon" - Big Red Cats

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Our show this year, showing now around the country (look for it!) is called Snowmageddon. This segment was shot at Big Red Cats last January and is kind of a fun piece.  Take a look at the picture below from the December issue of Powder and remember it as you watch the video.  Corny but fun!




And now for the video!


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Who thinks of doing something like that? Classic. I remember seeing Joey Cordo in WM films years ago, that guy can ski moguls. Is everybody a professional skier in this video?

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I love it!  Superhero's of snow!

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Captain America is current U.S.Freestyle Ski Team member Shane Cordeau

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Ok, That explains that!!!! Good skiing. I take it that must be Joey's son????

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Yes, Shane is Joey's son.  Included in this particular video are Joey and Shane as well as Bob Legasa, who's put together the skiers that shoot with us.  Bob is a former US Freestyle Team member and was one of the stunt doubles in "Hot Dog...The Movie" as well as having skied for Greg Stump in the early years.  The rest of us are friends who also participate in most of the filming.  We have a lot of fun doing this stuff, although the Superhero bit was a little 'challenging'.  Let's just say that those costumes aren't insulated....

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I caught the show this morning before I read this post. Great work I loved it! Its always nice to catch some skiing on tv once in a while, even if it is on a lesser known network.

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Caught the segment on TV the other day -- really enjoyed it!
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^^  Thanks, guys!!  Glad you liked it and appreciate the comments.  Be sure to check out all our stories here: http://www.epicski.com/peak-travels  Also, please check out our FaceBook page and give us a 'like'.

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OMG, that's so awesome!

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Wonder Woman was not only the best looking, but also the bravest in the cold with her outfit!

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Wonder Woman is definitely much better looking than the rest of us goons.  She's also taller than any of us at 6' 2".  She was on the D team as a teenager then blew a knee and got out of racing.  Following a college volleyball career, she played professional beach volleyball for four years.  She is a very good athlete and a blast to have around; kind of one of the guys.  You'd be amazed at what comes out of her mouth at times....

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Reminds me of the rule from The Incredibles: "No capes!" :D 


Cool video, guys. And you guys are not far from me... hmmmm. 

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Heh...Yeah, capes can be a problem, especially around helicopters but this was cat skiing.  But you definitely DON'T want to ski too close to trees; good way to get clotheslined.  Capes can help you fly, though!



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Wow.   Watching channel 23 DISH right now "Northwest Ski Adventure" half hour show.  Thanks Goldmember for the great PNW stories and film.  Good show, Lookout got 10 in today so up tommorrow.  Am I assuming right that you're in the green jacket ?

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Hey Pete - Thanks for the comment on the show.  I don't know which one it is (there are several different episodes of Northwest Ski Adventure) so can't answer your question about who's me.  Schweitzer got about 10" overnight and more expected all week.  Yay!  I need to get some miles in.....heli skiing in less than four weeks so I need to get ready!

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Big Red Cats - Part Deux!!  We are heading up this afternoon to Big Red Cats for a couple of days of fresh powder skiing.  The resort is reporting about 10" of new out of this last storm so I am guessing we'll be getting into a bit more where the cat terrain is.  Sorry, no superheros on this trip, just some of our regular crew and a couple of guest skiers who might turn up the heat a bit.  Stay tuned, I'll be posting up some new video in a couple of days.  This should be good!  

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It should be good tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 9) and Thursday. The West Kootenays are supposed to get another 6-12" by Wednesday afternoon, dependent on aspect and elevation, of course. This is in addition to what has fallen in the last few days. Some spots could get more.


After that, it's supposed to be dry for several days. You could have bluebird day (rare in the Kootenays) on Thursday.

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Yes, I saw that in the forecast...  Yippee!!!

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Well...the weather didn't quite turn out as hoped. Driving into Rossland Tuesday night, Jan 8, it was dumping! 28F with two or three inches of new on the road going up the hill from the Paterson crossing. Got up about 6:00 on Wednesday to the sound of drip, drip, drip off the eaves. The snow was off the trees around the house we were in and the temp reported for Rossland was 37F with a strong wind. Ugh... But, once on the cat, we started seeing some snow on the trees then a lot of snow on the trees. Yippee! With the wind, there had been a lot of slabbing on some aspects and avalanche danger was high at all levels as slabbing had gone downslope more than is typical. So, we stayed primarily in the trees but still had a great time. Wednesday night got cold and broke down a lot of the slabbing as the snow got dried out and the structure broke down. We were able to get a bit more out in the open (no video at this time from Thursday), the sun broke out occasionally and the temps stayed cold. Bottom line: Wednesday was an okay day and Thursday was a good day, not great but good. A bonus was that Andy, Robby, and Adam Mahre joined us for the trip and were a blast to ski with. A more humble group of guys would be hard to imagine and all pretty good skiers, to boot!


If you haven't already seen it posted on the front page, here is the video from last week. 


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I saw Snowmageddon on cable TV last night, with the segment on Big Red Powder Cats and a very cool thing:


EpicSki.com flashing across the screen at the start of the show and in the credits!!!! 

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