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Stevens Pass - Open NOVEMBER 20

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For those of you you who don't mind traveling a little for some early turns  : Steven Pass web page says they will be open tomorrow, Tuesday November 20! 

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Disclaimer for anyone considering that drive, Stevens is opening with very, very limited terrain.  Not enough to be worth it, IMO.  Crystal is opening the following day with more terrain.  They'll be limited also, but not nearly as much as Stevens.

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Pretty sure it'll be better than skinning for thigh deep glop. Like on Chief this afternoon. Just sayin'.... smile.gif


In all seriousness, great base building snow has been falling and settling. I would not go nuts to make it up there tomorrow. But I'm sure it'll be plenty good fun if you know what you are getting into. Lots of the runs have brush, creek holes, etc. - so the limited opening does make sense.  Yesterday, creek holes were in abundance all over the place. Lots of sinky pockets too. Stuff has been filling in. But even runs like Rock and Blue have a surprising amount of "terrain" challenges until things fill in a bit. Hopefully snow will dominate tonight and all that will be sorted out ASAP. 

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Nice!  That's cool that you've been getting up there to check it out.  Yeah, I wasn't trying to say that everyone should stay away.  I just happened to notice that this was posted in the Inland NW forum, and thought that might not be worthwhile, to travel any great distance.


Personally I'll let it fill in a little more rather than burn some vacation time, but I think that I'll be up there sooner rather than later.  Either way, it's just good to see the lifts spinning again.



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Baker open today, too... Crystal is planning on opening a majority of their lifts and runs by Saturday, however.

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