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PSA: Best deal on great pow skis

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Tell your wallet I'm sorry.  Use coupon code PRAXIS for an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF!





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Super deal!  I'll add this one =)





Ski Name Ski Type Lengths   Wholesale Sale Price
Maestro Powder 178 and 189   $479.00 $349
Maestro (Made in USA) Powder 169 and 195   $479.00 $449
Precinct (Made in USA) Big-Mountain 174,184,191   $499.00 $449
District All-Mountain/Backcountry 176,187   $449.00 $399
MR All-Mountain 164,171,179   $399.00 $329
Maven Exclusively Powder 189   $449.00 $349
Monarch Backcountry 188   $429.00 $349
Radius Big-Mountain 184   $449.00 $249
191   $449.00 $249
Antics Park 165,175,182   $379.00 $279
LCC Women's 155, 165   $429.00 $275
BCC Women's 170,176   $439.00 $299



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^^^Aw shoot, looks like the last two columns I copied and pasted got lost.  Follow the link for the whole rundown.  


Prices range from $249-$449


I can personally vouch for the Maestro as being a super fun, floaty charger.  Get your pair now for just $349.


I've never been on the Shoots but if you're looking for a big, bad, burly straight liner, for $249 you can hardly go wrong.

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Gotta say that both the design and construction on the Praxis Powder Boards are tough to beat (my review is in the reviews section...).  Not only is the basic sale price awesome. But coupons are good on top of that. The 10% is awesome. Some 20% coupons are floating around as well - which puts the skis in the ridiculous zone.


Even at list they'd be a square deal - or maybe better than that. If you are looking for a pure powder ski, this deal is literally a no-brainer IMO.



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I have a pair of 185 powder boards (originals). I always thougth those were a bit short for me and wanted to get the 195 but now they have 190 and 200 cms and I am torn which size to get. 

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I have not skied the 200. But I have skied the old 195 and the current 190 a bunch. I like the 195 a bunch. In the new world order,  I think the 190 is just great for most people for most places/uses. I'm a bit over 200 pounds and I find it more than adequate. If I were going to be skiing big open lines a ton - and fast -  I'd probably want a pair of the 200s. But for what/how I ski, I have not felt as though the 190 is inadequate for me - and I used it a decent amount last year. If in doubt, shoot Keith a note and see what he thinks.

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