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Another season is starting and as is my tradition I want to take the opportunity to offer thanks to so many.

First is to my God for all the years of fun I've had on the snow. So many wonderful memories and hopefully so many more to come.


Second is to all those who have passed but before doing so shared part of their ski life with me and so many others. Most were mountain men that taught me how to play in the mountains but not leave them worse for the time I spend there. In many ways their words echo in my mind and across the slopes. It's in the sound of the wind through the trees, the bubbling water in the brooks and creeks, the soft and almost silent sound of snow as it falls, and even in the crackling of a warm fire at the end of a good ski day.


Third is to all of those still here that have served so many of us as mentors and coaches. Some are stars of the sport but even more are not that famous. What they all share is a lifelong passon for the sport and sharing it with others. This list is huge and instead of listing them here, I want to share their message of service to others and lending a helping hand whenever it's needed. Without that sense of community and friendship the mountains would be a very cold place to visit, or live.


Fourth is all of the folks who have allowed me to be their coach, mentor, or instructor. It's allowed me to pay forward everything those folks have invested in me. I'd like to think some of those patrollers, ski instructors, racers and even the skiers in my lessons have gone on to enjoy the sport and passed on to others what we learned together.


Last but certainly not least is my family. We've shared a lifetime together and some of the most special moments we've shared are on the snow. In fact, we still make it a point to gather for at least a weekend of skiing and fellowship. Sometimes we ski the hardest slopes, sometimes we never leave the beginner runs but we always make it a point to appreciate that time together. Just like so many families that spend their vacations in ski country.


So there you have it, the bottom line here is Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks. I hope eveyone here at Epic has a safe, and very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.



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   Nice JASP... I'm giving thanks for my family, my health, the fact that I've been able to enjoy skiing for my whole life!! Happy Turkey Day!!!


  P.s. In the spirit of EPIC (I'm new, so forgive meredface.gif), but...what are the various "techniques" people are employing to cook their turkeys??) Our's is gonna be marinated in a brine for 2 days, and then cooked in the oven upside down...

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