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Columbia Friends and family store?

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Has anyone ever used columbias friends and family store? http://www.columbia.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Columbia_US-Site/default/FriendsFamily-Start



I saw a post about it somewhere saying they have great discounts. Im just starting my skiing adventures this winter and need to gear up. If the discounts are really amazing is columbias stuff worth it?

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Any thoughts or feedback from anyone?

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I have used this store, good prices on limited items. you have to know someone who has a pass to purchase from them. If they have waht you want, in the size  you need you can find some  bargains

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How is the stuff in general though? my wife sent me this article http://coloradomountainmom.com/2012/11/egifter-social-gifting-site-columbia-sportswear-offer/ this morning and Im considering it if I can get all my stuff there in one shot. You say the columbia stuff is reputable?

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Columbia is OK.  They sell items at a lot of different price points, some pretty low and some jackets maybe around $250-300.  The low end stuff isn't great.  Columbia also owns Mountain Hardwear which is generally very nice stuff, more expensive than Columbia and mostly worth the extra money.  If you can get MH gear through this site that would be the way to go.  


Since you're just starting out and it's obvious from your posts that you're not familiar with this kind of clothing, you might want to ask for recommendations about the type of stuff you should buy so you don't waste money and have useful and usable gear.  Tell us where you're planning to ski mostly and we can make some recommendations.

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ahhh great. that is the helpful post I was hoping for haha. My friend just bought a house upstate new york and will be going to windham and hunter I believe mostly. thanks for the helpful hand

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Here's what I would recommend.


Waterproof breathable shell jacket with or without a hood is your call, plenty of pockets with zippers

Waterproof breathable shell pants with a built-in gaitor to keep snow out of the tops of your boots, the more pockets the better but they all need zippers

Heavyweight fleece mid layer jacket or a good quality down sweater(Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear), minimum 650 fill

Merino wool T-neck base layer, synthetic is OK 

Merino wool long underwear, 3/4 length if you can find it, synthetic also OK

High % merino wool knee-high ski socks:  only your foot and the sock go in the ski boot, no long underwear

Ski helmet that fits - much warmer than any hat you could ever buy

Goggles, buy them at the same time as the helmet to make sure they both fit

Polartec gloves

Mittens that fit over the polartec gloves


You will notice there is no cotton on this list.  When you're skiing cotton is your enemy.  It retains moisture which makes you cold.  It is especially important not to wear cotton socks or cotton long underwear of any kind for any reason.


That should keep you warm and dry.


Have fun.

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Have you tried on Columbia stuff?  Like any clothes, sizing varies between brands.  Are you looking just for adults or for kids too?  For adults, sometimes can find decent stuff at TJ Maxx.

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a lot of columbia clothes is available on SierraTradingPost which tends to give out coupons and discounts.  (cheap returns too).


The gear is fine.  Ever since the patent on original goretex expired, there is plenty of gear that is very good.  As long as it is relatively recent and says waterproof breathable with some marketting mumbo jumbo with their trademarked technology phrase it'll be good.  Unless you are on a weeklong backpacking trek or something where every ounce counts, a lot of expensive gear is expensive mainly for the brandname and prestige.  Sure it maybe 10% better, but it's also twice as much.

Every couple years, another company comes out and says we've making the latest boutique gear, made and designed by X for X.   Then once that brand goes mainstream or recognizable, people go to the next boutique brand that pops up just so they don't get mistaken for a noob wearing the same brand.


But yes, the biggest thing you should worry about with ski clothes is fit.  A brand may fit some body shapes but doesn't work well for others.  So use the fit to your body as the most important factor.

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Great guys, thanks! Im going to look around and share my experiences

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Ok guys I went ahead and pulled the trigger and I gotta say the store is amazing. I also found another post for it on http://slickdeals.net/f/5485396-Columbia-Sportswear-Friends-Family-Discount-50-off-w-50-Gift-Card ... Everything in their store has crazy discounts. I just stocked up, except for goggles, a friend of mine said he had a pair for me. But everything else I just got. I recommend checking it out. You have to use some gifting app but It worked flawlessly. Thanks again for all the help guys, hopefully I dont fall on my *** this winter haha.

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Looks like it will work on Mountain Hardwear online store too... I wish I had a friend, bummer that you can't even take a look at the prices! mad.gif

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one of the posts in slickdeals says the code can be used in all the columbia stores... I only used it on columbias main site... Why do you need a friend?

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It's a nice deal, I just wish I could take a look at the prices before jumping on a $50 gift card.

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Ohhhhh, I cant login again bcuz you can only use the code once per site but the deals were pretty significant.

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